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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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Whether players are pulling off some spectacular achievements during Overwatch's Play of the Game segment or generally frustrating you as that precious win is swiped from your hands, there's one thing that underscores all of this game's online madness: Sick beats.

The music of Overwatch is engrained into the minds of its fans. After all, how many times do you think you've listened to the same tracks? With these theme tunes in mind, musically talented fans decided to share their love for this multiplayer extravaganza with their own takes on composers Derek Duke and Neal Acree's Overwatch soundtrack. Here are some of our favorites.

Let's Break It Down: 11 Overwatch Theme Music Remixes You're Bound to Love

1. Heroes Never Die

First up we have a piece that messes around with Overwatch's victory theme and throws a few voice lines in for good measure. Hearing Hanzo shout his ultimate over this dance tune is surprisingly YUGAWAGA! Sorry...Nice one, MOARNial.

2. Chilling Victory Theme

Time to pull things back a bit with a slightly more chilled version of the same tune. Brought to you by Jellyfish Central, this feels like the perfect credit music for the end of Blizzard's singleplayer campaign for Overwatch, which they had better be working on.

3. Remix That Overwatch Theme

Chill time over. MeloDox is getting us pumped with a funky take on Overwatch's rallying call.

4. Epic Orchestral Remix

Time for a complete shift in tone as we abandon the electronic jangles and dive into a more more traditional arrangement of Overwatch's music, brought to us by Plasma3Music Remixes.

5. 8-Bit Overwatch

Great. Now I want someone to make an 8-bit version of Overwatch. Thanks a lot, Sobrem.

6. Orchestral Version of Trailer Theme

Another orchestral arrangement comes from Laura Platt (Pl511), who's popular take on Overwatch's trailer theme has seen the tune arrive on Spotify and iTunes. Bravo.

7. Sound FX Beat

Overwatch is a game brimming with noise, so Minkks decided that, rather than adapting the music of the game to create his own beats, he'd borrow the characters' sound effects. It's exceptionally awesome.

8. Orchestral Remix of the Dragons Theme

By far the superior animated short Blizzard have made for Overwatch, Dragons is a powerful tale of familial ties and ancient traditions. This orchestral remix of its theme, brought to you by Arkiture, perfectly encapsulates its sense of epic conflict.

9. Overfeels - Undertale & Overwatch

Get those tissues ready, people. Because this combination of Undertale's His Theme and the dialogue lines from Overwatch is an emotional minute for any fan of the game.

10. Sounds Like Overwatch

Utilizing Overwatch's exceptional sound design, haveluckgoodfun has created their own song with some of the game's most famous lines. An impressive undertaking and a pretty damn good tune. Look at Lucio go!

11. Overwatch, Anime Style

Though not an original piece of music, I felt that this anime-style opening for Overwatch works on so many levels that anyone who has yet to check it out must do so immediately.

Which piece is your favorite?


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