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Not all celebrities star in movies or television. Not all celebrities release albums and go on tour. Some are just entertaining personalities that make YouTube videos for a living.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known across the internet as PewDiePie, is the most subscribed content creator on YouTube. His comedic commentary on video games has gained him more than 46 million subscribers, as well as a tidy paycheck from YouTube.

The issue of how much money PewDiePie makes has been hot for a while now, mostly because a lot of people don't think that people should get paid to play video games for a living.

Recently, articles have been circulating the web stating that PewDiePie and many other YouTubers have been receiving money from Warner Bros. in order to give their games positive reviews. Even though some YouTubers might be at fault for failing to disclose their payment, PewDiePie is not one of them. Still, he remains to be the focus of articles all across the internet.

Just this morning, PewDiePie responded to all of the articles with a video that you can see here:

As he states in the video, the whole scandal has simply been a misunderstanding which has been using his name to gain popularity. The bulk of the articles claim that Felix took money from Warner Bros. to give positive game reviews without disclosing it to the general public. But as he pointed out in his video, he actually disclosed the information on the exact video in question nearly two years ago.

At this point in time, it wasn't even necessary to disclose sponsorships. The FTC didn't even have YouTube guidelines until the year after this sponsored video came out, but he still felt like it was right for him to announce his sponsorship.

And as far as giving positive game reviews, I feel like I need to mention that PewDiePie is not a game critic. He is an entertainer. He plays games, comments on them, and makes jokes to amuse his millions of fans.

His "positive feedback on the game" was simply him stating "I had a lot of fun playing this game." The game in question was Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which is a game I have personally played through and enjoyed — along with dozens of critics, considering the game currently stands at an impressive 84 on aggregate site Metacritic. Is it that outlandish to suggest that PewDiePie actually enjoyed playing a critically successful game?

Check out the trailer for Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor:

There are many other YouTube content creators that didn't disclose their sponsorship, yet everyone is blaming PewDiePie because he has such a recognizable name on the platform. However, as he has pointed out, he's done nothing wrong. He's been sponsored many times before, and he always makes sure to inform his fans every time he releases a sponsored video.

It seems that all of the hate and prejudice going towards Mr. Kjellberg recently was misinformed. Even though many people don't see YouTubers as actual celebrities, that doesn't mean that their reputation can't be hurt by these kind of misunderstandings. Perhaps this will all blow over soon, and we can all go back to enjoying his videos like we always do.


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