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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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The draw of Pokémon GO is strong, my friends. Regardless of your social stature, monetary stability or workplace commitments, we all share the desire to catch 'em all and it's driven people to strange actions. So if you were under the impression that some of your favorite celebs were somehow exempt from all of this madness, you were wrong. Beautifully wrong.

The world has lost its mind in the wake of Pokémon GO's release, exemplified by the fact that Twitter users sent 4.7 million tweets about the game in the week from July 4-11. So let me draw your attention to just a few of these.

15 Celebs As Addicted To Pokémon GO As You Are

Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch, as usual, asking the important questions. Seeing as she's also referenced her vegan beliefs, could the answer be more sinister than we'd like to imagine? That stud better not be grinding a load of Pidgeys...

Chris Hardwick

Hardwick, the celebrated television host, has an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon GO, demonstrated by his relentless posting about it:

Josh Groban

Em...I think it broke him.

John Mayer

Playing the game like there's no tomorrow. Literally spent $100 on a free Pokémon much respect.

Soulja Boy

Pikachu looks all innocent and cute, but he's got his eyes on that watch...

Steve Aoki

Totally worth it.

Joe Jonas

If you're paying for gas I'll certainly take it under consideration, Joe.

Kevin Jonas

Haven't you been paying attention to the authorities, Kevin?


There's only way to respond to this one, Jo.

Ellen DeGeneres

But Ellen, you can pick Bulbasaur at the beginning of the game! He ain't that hard to find.

Christine Teigen

I like to think if she misses, this happens.

Trevor Noah

"Like I'm going to believe that!" Proceeds to attack handsome South African.

Vince McMahon

That's a ghastly way to treat a customer...sorry, guys.


Halsey knows the REAL reason thousands of people were at her gig.

Mario Lopez

That thing is as limp and lifeless as your career, Mario!

How are you handling the Pokémon GO addiction?


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