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If you haven't heard about Pokemon Go then you’ve been living under a rock or in an Amish community for the past couple of weeks.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game based on the popular TV show of the same name. The goal of the game is to “catch ‘em all” and be “very best” (refer to the original opening song to get the reference).

Along your journey to “catch ‘em all” in the vital world/real world of Pokemon Go you’ll come across Poke stops (which are real life locations where you can reload of Pokeballs and other things) and Gyms (real life locations where you can battle for control).

Now that you have somewhat of an understanding of what Pokemon Go is about, here is a list of the many places the game will take you:

1 . Church!

Pokemon Go has achieved what Parents, Priest, Pastors and Hozier has failed to do for the last couple of years, which is to get you to go to church. If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go then you've noticed that a lot of the gyms and Pokestops are located in churches. I can only imagine that the reasoning behind the choice of location is to make sure that the players aren't led into shady unsafe areas but stay in safe open areas were they can get saved while playing the game.

2. The Library!

I’m not sure about gyms but in the city of lake worth, Florida I've come across at least three Pokestops that were located in libraries. So while you're restocking on your Pokeballs be sure to get out one of the those things they have at the library. What do they call those things...ha! Right, books! Get yourself one of those.

3. To Your future friends!

Pokemon Go! Bringing fans together since Summer '16
Pokemon Go! Bringing fans together since Summer '16

Pokemon will bring you to your future friends, like in season one of Pokemon Ash, Misty and Brock team up to “catch ‘em all”; the same thing is happening all over the Pokemon-infested streets of America. Friendships will be formed and Pokemon will be hunted.

4. To a Healthier lifestyle!

If you think you can become a master trainer while sitting at home then you've got another thing coming! To become a Pokemon master you've got to start doing what Ash has been doing: Walk. To be able to restock on Pokeballs and catch more Pokemon you will have to start using what Ash used to get around ...his legs. Sure you can use a bike or a skateboard but I would never want to advise anyone to play this game and ...well….drive. Pokemon Go will make you a healthier person whether you like it or not.

5. Higher Education!

In a lot of college campuses, you'll find lots and lots of gyms, poke stops and Pokemons and if you not already enrolled into college then maybe your little adventure into this the campus will encourage you to start thinking about going back to school after becoming a Pokemon master. I'm not to sure if any pokestops and gyms ended up in any high school or elementary school but if they do, don't hang around if you don't have a child to pick up.

6. To Get Some real life experiences!

It's been reported by countless news media outlets that some trainers have been getting robbed, witnessing murders and getting lost God-knows-where with dead phone batteries. Although the non trainers and some trainers might see this as a downside it's really all part of this big adventure called life. Life doesn't happen when you sit on the couch playing some random video game, it happens when you walk out the door and go live it. Getting mugged and lost is a valuable life experience that some Pokemon trainer might need to learn. But do use some common sense guys -- don't try to go down the dark alley where no one can here you scream for help!

7. To the unemployment line if you keep “catchin ‘em all" at work!

As common-sensical (yes I just made up that word deal with it) as this one may be, I’m still going to go head and say it. Don’t try to play Pokemon Go at work. You’ll probably get caught and get fired and we don’t want that do we? No. The answer is no. Unless your boss is a D-bag and you were thinking of quitting anyways. But remember to play Pokemon, you need a job. A Job gives you money. Money gives you a cellphone, wifi and food for your many adventures.

8. To the ER (or worse) if you don’t pay attention!

In the word of Bryson Teller, “Don’t.”

Just don't do it!

Your life...heck my life …. isn't worth a Pokemon no matter how rare it may be.


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