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For those who don't know Pokemon Go is a reality augmented app for iOS and Android. It was released on July 6th and has already been a massive success. Pokemon Go uses a virtual world on top of the real one using the GPS data and your smartphone camera. The game incentives gamers to go outside to capture Pokemon. They can be found just about anywhere, landmarks, churches, museums, and even peoples homes can become part of the game.

This game can be dangerous, and Nintendo warns users of this. If your not paying attention you could end up in inappropriate places like police stations, graveyards and the Holocaust museum. Strange stories have reported of people finding dead bodies, hanging outside the homes of strangers or parks late at night. Their are other dangers for the users to be aware of. For example thieves have taken advantage of the "Pokemon Go Lure" feature in the game to rob unsuspecting gamers.

Gamer playing while wife is in labor.
Gamer playing while wife is in labor.

The game has become a potential marketing tool for business hoping to increase their customer base. Restaurants have been advertising that they have specific Pokemon and they will be activating a "lure," at specified time of day. Some gamers have use the game to generate money on the side. They offer training tips for a fee, will walk around to "hatch" your Pokemon egg for you. One dog shelter even advertised that they would like gamers to walk some of their dogs while they searched for Pokemon.

The games popularity has been surprising. "As of Monday morning, Go is the top free app in Apple’s iTunes Store." The app is currently only available in US, Australia, and New Zealand. It has already been installed on about 5.16% of ALL android devices. The app also has high engagement, over 60% of the app user have used it daily. This means that 3% of the entire US android are using the apps. This has put Pokemon Go in league with Twitter. In a few days Pokemon Go could, "have more users Daily Active Users than the well-established social network."

Venture beat spoke with "App Annie communications boss Fabien Pierre-Nicolas," he suggested that the game could have "run-rate of over $1 billion per year with less server issues, a worldwide presence, and more social and player-vs.-player features.” According to Similar Web, Pokemon Go has an average of 43 min. This is a higher average than Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger. This app has caused Nintendo's stock to surge more than 20% to the highest point since 1983.

According to CNN the Nintendo has increased it's wealth by 7 billion. This is also good because of the high retention rate. However, Nintendo will need to keep gamers invested and spending money. Considering that the game still has server issues, doesn't feature trading or battling with other gamers yet and hasn't been released worldwide yet it has great upside potential. Nintendo had resisted building apps for mobile out of fear of diluting it's brand and ruining it's handheld video game dominance. Taking the leap to mobile seems to be clearly paying off.


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