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Much like the EyeToy for PlayStation 2 (jeez...remember that thing!), PlayStation Move always seemed like a bit of a gimmick to me and is the reason why I have swerved that whole area of gaming, so I was slightly disappointed when I found out earlier this year that in order to experience PlayStation VR I would need to purchase Move controllers. However Sony have now confirmed that all Playstation VR titles will be compatible with the current generation of DualShock 4 Controllers.

This seems like a smart marketing move. Sony may have been at risk of alienating some players who like myself do not own Move controllers. While the price for the PlayStation VR set up isn't necessarily high, we all know that once you start to factor in peripherals the cost soon mounts up.

This switch means PlayStation VR becomes instantly accessible to the 40 million PlayStation users worldwide and also much more affordable.

It always seemed like a backward step to have this new technology reliant on a control system that is much older than the system that runs it (PlayStation Move first went on sale way back in 2010) and aesthetically the controllers just don't look good.

That being said the PlayStation Aim controller is a brand new peripheral designed especially for VR shooters and was showcased at this years E3 (alongside the alien shoot em up Farpoint). Again it doesn't look great but reports are that it's a fairly good piece of kit that is comfortable to hold and enhances the FPS experience. If you're going to spend extra cash on a peripheral then I would imagine that it would be this one.

If you have already pre-ordered your Playstation VR headset complete with Move controllers and camera, then don't panic. You will still be able to use them if you wish, and I am sure there will be games where the experience will be all the better for it. Sony have simply opened up their market by providing support for the DualShock controller and in doing so have given their VR platform the chance to be the hit it deserves to be.


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