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Pokemon Go has been out for only about a week now, and already there have been reports of vandalism and bullying, but thanks to a new treaty drawn up by Johnathon Ares Knight titled 'The Lugia Alliance' - named for the legendary Pokemon featured in the 2000 film Pokemon: The Movie (Totally creative name, right?). The post brings up the film and how the legendary birds, which the teams are based off of, all battle and leave with no winner- only total destruction.

In an effort to prevent an actual war between Mystic, Valor, and Instinct, the treaty encourages battles and fair play, while making sure to keep everything nice and fun. The alliance also encourages the three teams to look out for each other after a string of worrisome injuries, armed robberies, and bodies. After all, it is just a game.

The full post on the Lugia Alliance
The full post on the Lugia Alliance

Even though a Reddit post might not seem like the best place to seek peace between the teams, a considerable amount of people from all teams have already pledged to be a part of the alliance, including myself. The best part about this is that there isn't even a signup or anything like that, just tell yourself not to be a jerk while playing the game, and you're perfect!

Will this solve all problems that Pokemon Go has already faced in its first week with Robberies, Muggings, Bullying, Vandalism, Trespassing and even more? Probably not all at once, but it certainly is a great first step to making the game as enjoyable for all players!


Do you plan on joining the Lugia Alliance?


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