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It only took a mere week for Pokemon GO to completely take over Western society. Celebrities are obsessed with it, gamers take it on first dates, and non-gamers are are learning the basics just to see what all the fuss is about. And we've all been introduced to the three opposing Teams that players must choose from: Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Glue Eaters, uh, I mean Team Instinct.

The stinky yellow team (not biased at all!) is Team Instinct. Something something trust, faith, and instinct something something. Whatever. Team Mystic, the supercoolblueteam (still not biased!), is all about calm analysis and wisdom. Finally Team Valor, aka The Red Team, is characterized by passion, confidence, and aggression. They focus on training and battling and are known for their strength.

Pokemon GO Teams
Pokemon GO Teams

But more importantly, which Avengers fall into which Pokemon Team? This is very important to know as the Infinity Wars movie is underway for a May 2018 release date. And, as we saw in the last Captain America movie, our favorite Marvel team is already taking sides.

Tony Stark (AKA Iron Man)


Which Pokemon Team would Tony Stark be in?

Survey says...

Team Valor

Overconfidence and aggression? Tony Stark is the CEO and founder of Team Valor in the alternate universe of an MCPikachU crossover fanverse. His Pokemon would be mechanized, weaponized, and ready to vaporize all challengers.

His gyms would have space-age shielding, Jarvis-level AI, and perky-but-deadly Pepper Potts-like front desk attendants. He's that one player who takes the game too seriously and doesn't understand why no one wants to play with him. Team Fun Suck would be more like it.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America


Which Pokemon Team would Captain America be in?

Vanna, turn that tile...

Team Instinct

Trust, instinct, and faith? Sound like Team, cough, Instinct to me. America's favorite Boy Scout is all about staying true to his beliefs and all that jazz. Though I have to say it makes for some fine, fine cinema. In the Pokemon world it would mean nurturing his eggs and lots and lots of walking to get those things to hatch.

Have we mentioned the walking? It's not like you can drive to make them hatch. The game actually makes you do the walking. All that walking. What were they thinking??

Thor Odinson


Which Pokemon Team would Thor be in?

Behold, for the Gods shall reveal the answer unto thee...

Toss up: Valor and Instinct

This one is a bit of a toss up. On the one hand, he falls pretty solidly in the Team Valor camp with the passion and confidence. On the other hand, he's got a fair amount of Team Instinct going on with trust and intuition. He's not exactly a great thinker. More of a smash first, ask questions later kind of guy. Either way, you just know he isn't going to give up that Pokegym without a heck of a fight.

Which team would you pick for Thor?

Bruce Banner (AKA The Hulk)


Which Pokemon Team would The Hulk be on?

GOTTA SMASH 'EM ALL! No, Hulk, it doesn't work like th--SMASH!!! Sigh, can we talk to the little guy?

Team Valor (Hulk), Team Mystic (Bruce Banner)

Another case of split identity here. The big green guy is Team Aggressive Valor through and through, but his alter ego Bruce Banner is Team Mystic. The blue team is all about calm analysis and thinking things through. Everything Mr. Gotta Smash 'Em All isn't about.

So choose your flavor based on which part of the character you enjoy the most: the quiet and snarky Dr. Banner or the invincible and destructive gamma gargantuan.

Natasha Romanova aka The Black Widow


Which Pokemon Team would The Black Widow be on?

In Soviet Russia, Pokemon catches you!

Team Mystic

Team Mystic all the way. She takes calm analysis to the extremes of cold and calculating. Remember that scene in the first Avengers movie when she was tied to the chair by the Russian mobsters and got the call to come in? And she calmly and methodically took them out while on the phone? Yeah, that's Team Mystic at its most badass.



Which Pokemon Team would Hawkeye be on?

Did you hit the mark?

Team Mystic

Hawkeye is another one that could fall into either camp. In battle he has the calm analytical demeanor of Team Mystic, but out of combat he is more about intuition and faith when dealing with this fellow teammates, especially Black Widow. But given Pokemon GO is more about battles and less about, well, feelings, I'm going to have to come down on the side of Team Mystic for ol' Hawkeye.

Scarlet Witch


Which Pokemon Team would Scarlet Witch be on?

Magic 8-Ball says...

Team Insight

You would think Team Mystic by name alone, but Wanda Maximoff is definitely Team Insight. She works from a place of intuition and reaction. But when you can manipulate time, space, and probability, who needs Pokemon? Unless you can alter the chances of getting a high CP Pokemon. That would be sweet. And highly unfair.



Which Pokemon Team would Quicksilver be on?

It's like speed dating, but for Pokemon Team sorting...

Team Valor

You'd think Pietro would need the calm analysis of Team Mystic to process all the information he needs to take in at high speed, but he often reacts emotionally to that information putting him squarely in Team Valor. And we all saw how that worked out for him...

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