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Staying up for another weekend full of League of Legends may have been one of the best entertainment choices I've made over the past week. While the standings after week six remain close to those of the week before, it was the aura of team spirit among the players and the distraction of a geocaching phenomenon that made week six one of the most enjoyable so far. Everyone was having fun, and that's what it's all about, right?

The three major talking points of the week include the game's newest champion, a few team-centric power plays, and some unexpected Pokémon Go hype.

Walls Of Stone: Taliyah Makes Her LCS Debut

Taliyah's splash art (Photo Credit: Riot Games)
Taliyah's splash art (Photo Credit: Riot Games)

The newest League of Legends champion, Taliyah, has been live for two months and finally made her NA LCS debut in week six. She was played five times over the weekend with a 3-2 win ratio. The pros have gotten enough practice with The Stoneweaver to bring her to the stage and it was well worth the wait. Midlaners Pobelter (IMT), Jensen (C9), and Bjergsen (TSM) brought their best Taliyah skills to the Rift, but it was Bjergsen that stole the show. Going 7/0/5, TSM's powerhouse midlaner boasted a kill participation of 100 percent by the end of game one in their series against APX. Check out the impressive highlights below!

The emergence of Taliyah may be more than just a week six treat. Patch 6.14 includes a buff for the champion that the pros may not be able to ignore. Be prepared to see her rock surfing through the rift more frequently toward the end of the split.

Protect and Steal: This Week's Power Plays

Biofrost (TSM) in the zone (Credit: Riot Games)
Biofrost (TSM) in the zone (Credit: Riot Games)
  • Inori, Gate and Mash (P1): In a battle for FOX's tier one turret, P1's jungler, support, and ADC huddled to protect their mid-laner, Pirean, from an enemy Jhin ultimate. It was the awkward yet endearing beginning of game three that made their series win against FOX more exciting than it already was.
  • Shrimp (APX): The best power plays are ones that turn a game around. Shrimp's Baron steal in game two against NRG is no exception. Using a Rek'Sai tunnel to last hit the objective, Shrimp sacrificed himself while his teammates scurried away with the active buff. This well executed play ended up being a major contributor to APX's game and series win.
  • Biofrost (TSM): When Doublelift gets into a dangerous situation after Impact (C9) teleports to his lane, Biofrost used Braum's Stand Behind Me (W) ability followed by his signature shield to protect his ADC from certain death. Doublelift even managed to secure the kill on his enemy, all thanks to TSM's powerhouse support. When a play like that occurs in game one of a series, you know you're in for a good time. Check it out below!

Gotta Catch 'Em All: An Electric Cameo

Pokémon Go is taking over everyone's lives. The NA LCS players and broadcasters are in no way immune. In a moment of true pop culture whimsy, analysts Zirene and Dash literally cut their after game coverage short to go catch a Pikachu that Zirene spotted just out of camera range. Check it out in the video above and be sure to keep watching to witness Bjergsen (TSM) playfully talking about resigning to become a pro Pokémon trainer.

Pobelter (IMT) catching a Pokémon. (Yahoo! Esports)
Pobelter (IMT) catching a Pokémon. (Yahoo! Esports)

That wasn't the only reference to Niantic's top grossing game this week. Yahoo! esports interviewed IMT's Huni this weekend, ending the discussion playfully talking about Pokémon Go after teammate, Pobelter, was caught attempting to catch an unknown Pokémon. It's refreshing and hilarious to see the pros out there trying to be the very best along with the rest of us.

Redefining The Standings: Last Week's Ties Thin Out

The standings have changed ever so slightly compared to week five: P1 broke their tie with FOX, pulling out of last place for the first time this split and CLG secured a fifth seed tie with NV, who fell from the third place tie they ended week five in.

Week seven may prove to be unpredictable as these ten teams are surprising us at every turn this split. What may seem like a sure thing could very well end in upset and matches you feel like you can skip may be the most entertaining of the week. Don't miss the live coverage of week seven, streaming live on Twitch and YouTube tonight, July 15th at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Follow my page for continuing coverage of the NA LCS, tell me what you think about week six in the comments, and keep catching those Pokémon!


C9 and CLG will meet once again in week seven's Match of the Week. Who are you rooting for?


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