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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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I dunno about you guys, but I am steady getting more and more pumped for Gun Media's Friday The 13th video game! The promise of being able to terrorize your buds surrounded by the idyllic beauty of Camp Crystal Lake is one I will most definitely be jumping on come release day.

But until that day comes, be sated Friday fan, because GTA V, that other well known theater of horror, has you well and truly covered!

Jason Voorhees Lives Again In GTA V Mods

Welcome home, Jason
Welcome home, Jason

YouTuber Spiderbrian has concocted a brilliant video-shaped homage to the slasher classic using a few handy mods, audio and music from the movie and, of course, a shed ton of patience, which resulted in a secluded Los Santos hideaway becoming the bloodbath of Camp Crystal Lake.

Check it out:

How about that, huh? There's something really unsettling about the mixture of GTA's character models mixed with Friday The 13th's score, isn't there? So cool!

But anyway, using this here Jason Voorhees model, a thicker forest and victims mod, and this GTA scene directing mod, Spiderbrian has created something wholly badass and pretty damn creepy, if you ask me.

Haven't got the time to watch it? Well be stilled by a few fancy gifs of some choice cuts of the action:

Beginning of the End

How's this for an establishing shot? Here we have the gang enjoying a ghost tale, of sorts...

Hell Awakens

Here's Jason! Surveying this evening's prey...

One Down...

No, that's not a very good end to the day. Not at all...

Silence, Music Man!

That'll put an end to an esteemed career in busking...

This Must Be The Place

Yes, the place you die!

What did you make of that?

GTA V just keeps on getting cooler and cooler!

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