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Beautiful nostalgia is pouring in from Activision today as they go ahead and release an all new gameplay video for the vehemently anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. The gameplay on display in this latest video is nothing short of spectacular, honestly, Call of Duty has never looked better.

This newest video drops us back into the iconic boots of John ‘Soap’ MacTavish in 'Crew Expendable'. 'Crew Expendable', as I am sure you remember, is the second mission available to you in the 2007 classic - it blew players away with its overwhelming grandeur and totally immersive gameplay.

Here's how the original mission looked, for comparison:

Our mission - infiltrate the cargo ship and take the package.This is, truly, what Call of Duty is all about and this is exactly what the fans wanted from the next instalment. I love, love, love it!

Modern Warfare Remastered In Action

This gameplay is like nothing you have ever seen in a Call of Duty game, which surely means the remaster will easily sit with best games of 2016/17, and will prolong the life of this classic title for decades more to come.

Watch as the stunningly remastered gameplay unfolds in all new nostalgic bliss; the detail that has gone into the remaster of this classic shooter is astounding – nothing short of what it deserved.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remains one of the world’s most popular shooters. Its thrilling and gripping storylines combined with never before seen gameplay mechanics, saw the Modern Warfare series rocket into gaming history. The series revolutionized not only the genre but the industry.

Modern Warfare will release alongside Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare this coming November and will be available as part of the Infinite Warfare bundle. Unfortunately they will not be available separately.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered will release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Are you ready for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?


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