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Since its July 6, 2016 release, Pokémon Go has been the launching pad for countless age groups of both genders to get off the couch, put down the console controller and get into the outdoors to explore, conquer and capture all sorts of mystical creatures of the Pokémon franchise.

Many fans who grew up loving the anime series as well as the comics and merchandise have had a huge part of their childhood reawakened and now can be more a part of the Pokémon experience than ever before!

Viewers and readers could live vicariously through characters, enjoying in their adventures behind a screen or a page, but now they have the opportunity to create their own adventures, travel journeys and best of all conquer their own battles!

People across the country have taken part in Pokémon Go as a fun pass time, but one of my good friends takes the cake.

My friend has accomplished more cardio than he has in weeks. He's spent over $50 in bicycle equipment and recently purchased multiple portable phone chargers, giving him roughly 10-12 hours to be in the city streets hunting down Pokémon.

You might say that this mobile game has become an obsession for a lot of people.

I would agree, but it's hilarious and nice change to see 20 year old's acting like children again. In a world that is often boring and depressing, one mobile game is the cause for lots of boosted spirits.

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