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If you didn't already get the memo about Modern Warfare Remastered, then you are in for a real treat. One of the most memorable Call of Duty games to date is coming out right next to the Infinite Warfare title, but it is completely remastered, and it looks insane!

A Word To The Wise

Now one thing that nobody is sure about is whether or not you can buy your standalone copy, or if you have to buy Infinite Warfare. It's a win-win either way if you ask me since you will be getting a two for one deal. In retrospect, you could just only buy Modern Warfare Remastered if that suits your fancy.

Now To The Freaking Awesome Gameplay

So that you can see the difference in detail, I will be posting a before and after video. Pay attention to the shadows and all of the lighting effects. Make sure to even pay attention to the way the characters move.

Now look at how much of a difference there is. I mean, it's pretty much a brand new game! How dope is that?! I remember doing that mission on the original game thinking "Holy shit this game looks ridiculously amazing!" Now I have the exact same reaction when I see the new trailer. When I look at the old gameplay, I am astonished at how far technology has progressed! (Has science gone too far?!)

Are you excited about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?! Tell me why, or why not!


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