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Holly Emmett

I was about to embark on a grand Pokemon hunt, with my friends, when suddenly I found the servers have crashed! "No worries" I reassured myself, "They'll come back on, won't they?" I was so very wrong. The servers have crashed globally and the internet has lost its mind.

Scrolling through Twitter during this Poke-pocolypse is perhaps the funniest way to spend all the wasted time we could be catching Pokemon in, this is how the world has responded to Niantic's little hiccup;

Relate-able Homer Simpson

Confused Vincent Vega Meme


Poor Brock </3

Even Match Of The Day Is Angry

I Wonder Who Is To Blame...

So I think it's clear to see that we all NEED Pokemon GO in our lives, it's essential.. right? Let us pray they fix it soon!


According to Independent, a hacking group named PoodleCorp has claimed responsibility for taking down the Pokemon Go servers through a denial of service (DDOS) attack. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved by Niantic soon enough so we can all get our Poke-fix.


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