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Star Wars Celebration has been a Star Wars fan's dream this past weekend. From a Rogue One sizzle reel to Rebels introducing Grand Admiral Thrawn, Celebration has been nothing short of amazing. With Rogue One and Rebels blowing fans' minds, it's now Star Wars Battlefront's turn to show off, and boy did they ever show off.

Warwick Davis questioned Niklas Fegraeus about what we can expect from the Death Star expansion pack. EA treated fans to an exclusive sneak peek which showcased what appears to be a space battle multiplayer mode, as well as an X-Wing single player mission. If the tease of the highly requested Space Battles weren't enough, Fegraeus then went on to announce what characters we will be seeing in the upcoming DLC.

He announced that Boskk, the reptilian bounty hunter that first appeared in Empire Strikes Back, will be the villain of the Death Star expansion. Fans had requested that Boskk be introduced to Battlefront, and after the inclusion of bounty hunters Dengar and Greedo it was really only a matter of time. After announcing Boskk will star in the Death Star DLC, Fegraeus stated that we will be seeing a familiar furry friend appear as this expansion's Rebel hero.

Yes that's right, Chewbacca has finally been confirmed for Star Wars Battlefront! This comes after months of fan requests to have our number one Wookiee brought into the ever expanding Battlefront universe!

Along with the announcements of Boskk and Chewbacca, Fegraeus announced that the final Battlefront DLC will be titled Rogue One: Scarif. The new DLC will allow players to fight on the planet Scarif, as well as introducing Jyn Erso as the Rebel hero, and Director Orson Krennic as the Imperial villain!

Source: EA Star Wars
Source: EA Star Wars

The final DLC of Star Wars Battlefront, Rogue One: Scarif's release will coincide with the release of its motion picture counterpart Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Fegraeus stated that once you go see Rogue One in cinemas, you will be able to go home and play as Jyn and Krennic, teasing a December 18th release date for the DLC, the same release date as Rogue One.

If you can't wait for all of this Battlefront sweetness then we have some good news for you! EA have announced that single player will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront next week. This means you can play all Battlefront maps offline against enemy AI. This is a fantastic introduction and one that I am thrilled about! I have yet to get familiar with the new Bespin maps so it's great to know that I will be able to train and familiarize myself with the new maps on single player before I go join the big bad world that is online multiplayer.

Are you more excited for 'Death Star' or Rogue One?


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