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In Chicago at Millennium Park on July 17th, thousands of gamers from all over the city and suburbs flocked into the famed Millennium Park, home of the famous Bean sculpture, to celebrate Pokemon Go, that one little mobile game you may have heard about. But, as luck would have it, the meet-up, which was planned for 2 PM Central Time, would occur at the same exact time as a massive server crash due to the Canadian release of Pokemon Go.

Possibly the biggest Pokemon theme song sing-along ever?

Even though the thousands of fans weren't able to capitalize on the massive amounts of Pokemon they were planning on capturing, they still made the best of the situation, singing the Pokemon theme song and taking pictures with a big Pikachu that showed up.

Even though the initial plan may have been compromised, that didn't stop the crowd from having a good time and enjoying themselves while the servers were down. Thankfully though, after two and a half hours of downtime, the servers came back, and all of these trainers were finally able to catch more Pokemon together at this iconic sculpture.

Photo courtesy of David Vazquez
Photo courtesy of David Vazquez


Have you participated in a big 'Pokemon Go' meet-up in your city?


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