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Final Fantasy X, the groundbreaking 10th entry in the Final Fantasy series, celebrates its 15th Anniversary on July 19. To celebrate, here is a collection of fun facts and memorable moments from this great Game.

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Final Fantasy X.

1. A Dual Anniversary

Final Fantasy X shares its release date with an earlier game in the series, Final Fantasy IV.

While FFX marks it's 15th anniversary, FFIV, released on the same date 10 years earlier, celebrates its 25th.

2. Made Side By Side

Final Fantasy X was being developed for the Playstation 2 at the same time as its predecessor, Final Fantasy IX, was being prepared for release on the original Playstation.

FFIX was intended to celebrate the past history of the franchise, while FFX looked to the future. Both games were successful.

3. The Opening Cutscene

From its earliest moments, Final Fantasy X gives one of the best examples of what the PS2 was capable of in the graphics department. No gamer could deny being impressed by its opening cinematic.

Even now, against some of today's offerings, the game looks impressive.

4. Tidus

Tidus, FFX's main protagonist, went through quite a few changes during the game's early deveopment. He was initially intended to be a gangster type, before being changed into an athlete in the hopes of creating a more likable character.

His hair was also meant to be darker, likely an effort to differentiate him from Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife. When the character received his name, Tidus, the Okinawan word for Sun, his hair was made blonde to reflect this.

5. Lulu's Dress

The intricate pattern of the belts on Lulu's dress was meant as a challenge by Tetsuya Nomura to the game's graphic design team, to see if they could keep it the same in every appearance.

For this reason, Lulu is often seen from behind, from the waist up, or partially obscured by other characters, to limit the amount of time spent maintaining the accuracy of the belts.

6. The Sending

The scene in which Yuna sends the souls of those lost in Sin's attack on the small island of Kilika is another beautiful moment in the game. Here, the seeds of Tidus' love for Yuna are sown.

7. Voice Actors

Final Fantasy X was the first game in the series to feature voice acting, with a number of prominent names in the voice acting industry lent their voices to the game.

Tara Strong, known for voicing characters like Dil Pickles in Rugrats or Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls, provides the voice of Rikku. John Dimaggio, best known for voicing Bender in Futurama and Jake in Adventure Time, Voices both Wakka and Kimahri. James Arnold Taylor, who also provides the voice of Ratchet in the Ratchet & Clank games, voices protagonist Tidus.

Both Tara Strong and Hedy Buress, who voices Yuna, reprised their roles when Yuna and Rikku appeared in Kingdom Hearts II.

8. He, Him..

Tidus is never called by name by the other characters, who refer to him exclusively with male pronouns. This is to accomadate for the fact that the Player can enter a name for him at the beginning of the game. This carries over into the sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, with the absent Tidus only ever reffered to as 'Him'.

This annoyed some players, so every Final Fantasy game since has had a set Name for the Protagonist.

9. Crashing The Wedding

Yet another great looking cut-scene, and a lot of fun. I'm sure many gamers had a mini heart attack upon seeing Yuna plunge from the building, before faithful Aeon Valefor catches her.

10. No Moogles

Unlike most Final Fantasy games, the adorable little creatures known as Moogles do not appear. The only Moogle seen in FFX is the doll that acts as Lulu's first weapon.

11. Music

Final Fantasy X was the first Final Fantasy game not to be scored solely by Nobuo Uematsu. Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano also created Music for the game.

12. True Love

The scene in which Tidus and Yuna share their first kiss is so very beautiful. Definitely one of the most romantic moments in Gaming history.

13. Different Endings

Due to cultural concerns, the English and Japanese endings to Final Fantasy X differ slightly.

In the English version, Yuna will tell Tidus that she loves him before he disappears. In the Japanese version, she simply says 'Thank You'.

14. The Sequel

Final Fantasy X was the first game in the series to spawn a direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.

The game follows Yuna, Rikku, and new character Paine as they form a Sphere Hunting group, the Gullwings, and search for clues relating to the whereabouts of Tidus.

15. Possible Final Fantasy VII Connection

A fan theory exists linking the world of Final Fantasy X to another popular entry in the series, Final Fantasy VII.

In Final Fantasy X-2, a young boy named Shinra works on the Gullwings' airship. Talk to Shinra at the right time, and he will explain a theory he is developing involving harvesting energy from the core of their world. In FFVII, the evil Shinra Corporation harvests Mako energy from the Planet's core, slowly killing it.

The Theory proposes FFX-2's Shinra is the Ancestor of FFVII's President Shinra, making FFVII's world, Gaia, the distant future of FFX's world, Spira.

Happy Anniversary, Final Fantasy X!


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