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SNK recently announced that they will be porting their classic title Garou: Mark of the Wolves both the PlayStation 4 and the Vita with cross play functionality. SNK will be teaming up with SIEA Third Party Production to bring the game to the PlayStation Network.

SNK asked PlayStation users what Neo Geo classic they would like to see come to the PlayStation Network and it seems that an overwhelming majority asked for the return of Garou: Mark of the Wolves which is part of SNK's Fatal Fury series. To bring fans the best experience possible, SNK will be utilizing Code Mystics' netcode which they used previously for The Last Blade 2.

The port will include a gallery mode where players can unlock art from the game as they play as well as the original soundtrack which can be sampled from the menu. They're also working on online functionality so that players can compete online.

The team in Vancouver is doing a fantastic job on Garou’s online multiplayer, giving new life to a legendary fighting game classic and ensuring the online gameplay brings SNK fans and series newcomers a great experience similar to the good ol’ days in the arcades.

While an early version of Garou: Mark of the Wolves was made available to play for Evo 2016, SNK has yet to reveal the release date for the port.

[ Source: PlayStation Blog ]


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