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In the aftermath of the astounding success of the launch of Pokémon GO, fans of other franchises are starting to see the potential for their own games and none more so than the Harry Potter community.

Following the immense success of Pokémon GO, the mobile app that allows you to hunt for Pokémon in the real world, HP fans worldwide are crying out for a Harry Potter themed game that would work in the same way.

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The community has gone positively potty as social media accounts across the globe begin campaigning for a Harry Potter themed ‘Go’ game or, ‘Harry Potter GO’.

Suggestions so far propose that players would hunt for magical beasts instead of Pokémon - the more you catch the more spells you get to cast. The beasts will carry individual stats that would determine how easy or how difficult defeating them would be. As players progress they'd become stronger, ultimately allowing them to tackle bigger, more experienced magical beasts.

They can hunt you, just as much as you can hunt them! The option to run away from magical beasts, if attacked, will also need to be integrated, as newbie wizards will not have the knowhow to take down a Troll or Basilisk. Acquiring evasion spells from Magic stops will allow the player to escape such encounters if needed.

In place of the Pokémon GO teams, players will be able to choose which Harry Potter house they wish to join. They'll also be able to stop at certain locations to take part in wizard battles and other such dueling games, just like at the Pokémon gyms.

In place of pokestops, HP GO would feature ‘magic stops,’ where players will be able to pick up specialist items, wands and even new spells.

I mean, it all sounds brilliant, Pokémon GO has been insanely well received, so imagine how popular the concept could be with a franchise as big as Harry Potter. Take a look at some more of the community’s suggestions below.

It's safe to say that the world has gone ‘GO’ mad, whether it's the further development of Pokémon GO or a Harry Potter GO game - whatever the future of gaming holds, at this rate it's certainly looking like a very real world affair.

Got any Harry Potter GO ideas? Let us know below.


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