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The world descended into anarchy and chaos over the weekend as the servers for Pokémon GO went offline, again, resulting in many of us wannabe trainers being forced to interact with friends and family for extended periods of time.

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To the dismay of millions, this was not just a blip in connection that we have come to expect from Pokémon GO service. Oh no, many a planned Pokémon hunting mini-vacation (mine included) was forced into an early disappointing end as the servers (in some regions) remained down for the majority of the weekend.

It was originally assumed that this was due to the game being launched in several more countries and that the sudden influx of players was to blame for the meltdown. However, it now seems that there was something a little more sinister going on behind the scenes.

Hacker group, PoodleCorp have taken responsibility for the server shutdown that occurred over the weekend. The group of hackers took to Twitter to proudly announce their latest conquest.

The group have had quite an active summer, after bringing down League of Legends and with various DDOS attacks. The group are pretty much an online menace to gaming, crashing and burning anything that they feel will garner the biggest and best reaction.

The group have shown no remorse for the attack against Pokémon GO and have even stated that they are planning on doing something a lot more serious to the Pokémon GO servers on August 1.

Pokémon GO has had an incredible launch, despite the server issues; the game itself is revelatory for the industry. It's even sparked a campaign to initiate the development of a Harry Potter GO themed game.

As you can imagine, the reaction to the news on Twitter has been rather ‘colorful’. Take a look.

Some users even called out for help from internationally recognized hacker group, Anonymous. Anonymous did reply but it was not the result that many a Pokemon GO gamer would have wanted. They stated that this was Nintendo's problem and that they currently have other things to do. Bigger fish to fry and all that, I guess.

Whether or not the server issues will continue is still unknown, we are told that Niantic are working tirelessly on fixing all server related issues and that soon they will have the problems nailed. As for the hapless hackers, well we can only hope that the authorities take the appropriate action against the group.

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