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Undertale is a game that I massively appreciate and love. I have completed it five times and yet every time I find something new about it to appreciate, as I have stated in my Undertale review. Naturally, this leads to me wanting to write articles about it. I have actually completed the game for the last two times because I wanted this article to be as best as it can be. So this is my top 10 list of the Undertale characters. I am not necessarily saying that those are the ten best, these are my personal top 10. Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

10. Flowey

So you start the game and you start to go through the beginning, when suddenly you encounter a friendly flower. You presume it will teach you the basics of the game, when BAM! He hurts you and then attempts to kill you. Luckily for your character and for all of us, your adventure doesn't end that fast. Later on, you can spot Flowey sometimes when you go back, and in the end of Neutral run, he is a pretty insane boss. He is the face of the villainy in the game, although I think somebody else is the main villain of Undertale(more on that later).Flowey is one seemingly evil character, although if you play the game on Pacifist you learn more about him and you feel sorry for him on future playthroughs. He can also be pretty scary. Kudos to Toby Fox for this character, after meeting Flowey we can't look at flowers the same way.

Memorable Quote: Kill or be killed.

9. Napstablook

Napstablook is a ghost which adores music. It is actually a minor character, but he is great. Napstablook is kind of a depressed character and he always thinks he is in the way of everybody else. It may not have much time in the story and may be unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but there is something about Napstablook which makes me like him a lot. I also enjoyed when you visit Napstablook's house, some of it's lines are pretty great.

Memorable Quote: After a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage... it's a family tradition...

8. Toriel

Toriel is a goat-like character, and she was once a queen of the Underground. Unfortunately, after losing her son Asriel and her adopted kid first human, her husband, Asgore, declared war on humanity and he was bent on killing any human that falls into the Underground, with whose souls he would destroy the barrier. Toriel couldn't handle this, so she let him to live in the Ruins. Toriel saves you from Flowey at the very beginning of the game, and then she offers you to live with her, however if you want to continue the game, you have to press onwards. Toriel serves as a sort of tutorial on the game mechanics and the cruelty of the world. Your very first heartbreak of the game will come if you kill her when she battles you, as she has proven as such a god mom-figure character. If you spare her, the satisfaction will be immense. Toriel rocks!

Memorable Quote: You are stronger than I thought... Listen to me, small one... If you go beyond this door, Keep walking as far as you can. Eventually you will reach an exit. ....... Asgore... Do not let Asgore take your soul. His plan cannot be allowed to succeed. Be good, won't you? My child.

7. Burgerpants

This may be an unusual choice, but Burgerpants is the man, man! He is a quotable guy who works at a fast-food restaurant at MTT Resort. He only shows up at that fast-food restaurant, but he is definitely a memorable character, with his philosophy and cynical view of the world. Still, he can find hope in some things. He also holds a grudge against attractive people, yet he wants to be in their company and he says that he wants to be an actor. There is something about Burgerpants which just rings to me, as he is a 19-year old and he actually provides very interesting lines. Also, I find it amusing how he puffs a cigarette while working and his facial expressions are priceless. He reminds me of a friend of mine, which is a plus.

Memorable Quote: I'm 19 years old and I've already wasted my entire life.

6. Chara

Chara is a character who I would call the main villain of the whole game, as witnessed when you complete the Genocide Route. Chara is the first human who fell into the Underground after the barrier was raised. Chara befriended Asriel, but eventually died. Interestingly enough, Chara is the character you name at the beginning of the game, and not the character you control during the game (Frisk). When you play through the game, certain characters behave as if Chara was a great kid, although at the end of the Pacifist Route, Asriel tells you this isn't the case. Chara hated humanity. Chara is also one scary kid, when I played through the Genocide Route and met Chara at the end, I was scared s**tless. Chara is a character, who despite the limited scenes in which Chara appears, has enough talk about him/her and in his/her appearance makes it very, very memorable.

Memorable Quote: Greetings. (It may not be much of a quote, but the text along with Chara's appearance and music frightened me)


Papyrus is a skeleton who wishes to capture a human so he can become a part of the Royal Guard. The problem is, underneath he wishes a friend and he has a good heart like his brother. Papyrus is a crazy character, who has a big ego and he thinks he is oh so important to the world. He is also pretty funny, as all his attempts to stop you are thwarted. He is also constantly pranked by his brother, Sans and it is pretty humorous to see the two play off each other. Papyrus also keeps believing in you, even after you kill him in the Genocide Route.


4. Asgore

Asgore is the ruler of the Underground and ex-husband of Toriel. After his kids died, he declared war on humanity and wanted to kill any human who ends up in the Underground. Because of that, his wife left him. Throughout the game the tension is built up for the final encounter against Asgore, but neither of the Routes have him as the final boss. Asgore is actually such a nice guy, who doesn't want to kill you, and if you choose to spare him in the Neutral Route, he will mention the possibility of living together. He is conflicted about killing humans, however he feels monsters are repressed and he wishes to free them. I loved his transformation from this nice- father-figure into a badass warrior once you do fight him. Asgore is such a great character because he is conflicted and because he suffered through a lot.

Memorable Quote: I want so badly to offer you a cup of tea.

3. Asriel

Asriel is a character who doesn't have a good ending whichever Route you take, what a poor lad. He is actually Flowey, only Flowey is a soulless version of him. That is why I separated these two characters, as they are totally different in character. Asriel is such a good soul, even recognizing Chara's evil intentions. While he carried Chara's body into Chara's village, he had to fight Chara the whole way, as Chara's soul tried to persuade him into attacking the villagers, which would turn into chaos. Asriel is so great because he is a tragic character, and once you learn he was really Flowey the whole time, you start to feel sorry for Flowey as well. Some may feel I ranked Asriel too high, but all of the information we get on him, and the fact that he sacrificed his soul so the monsters can go back to the surface, make him a number 3 character in my eyes.

Memorable Quote: Frisk......Don't kill and don't be killed, alright?

2. Undyne

Undyne is definitely a determined character, as once she sets her sights on something, she doesn't let go. She is the captain of the Royal Guard and she wants to kill any human that dares to set foot in the Underground. She is also a total badass in her armor, and if you are trying to kill her in the Neutral and Genocide Route, she shows you how her determination can push her through her physical limit when she uses her power of will. Underneath her tough exterior, Undyne is really a kindhearted person (monster?). She has a crush on the lab geek Alphys, who is like her polar opposite in everything. Undyne cares for her friends and she will do anything to protect them. She also has a great battle theme and she provides some intense scenes while she chases you in her armor.

Memorable Quote: I won't die!

Honorable mentions:

  • Frisk
  • The River Person
  • Mettaton

1. Sans

Sans is an skeleton whose whole dialogue is in the comic book sans font, which is clever. He is a laid-back, lazy and funny character who is constantly mocking and pranking his brother Papyrus, with whom he just showed up one day in Snowdin. Sans is the type of character who you would want on your good side, despite of his pranking and laziness. In the Genocide Route, Sans is hellishly strong, and undoubtely the hardest boss in the game. You know you pissed him off when even he takes action against you, and he does it with style. His attacks match his personality as he fights dirty, even hitting you on your own turn. His fight also has an awesome theme, accompanied by the fact that you two are fighting for the world. However, Sans won me over as the best character in my very first playthrough, as he is such an awesome character and he'd be the coolest guy to hang around.

Memorable Quote: I' ve gotten a ton of work done today. A skele-ton. *winks*

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