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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Boy, I sure hate actually spending all that time playing Pokémon, I wish I could just beat the game as quickly as possible"? Then you're in luck!

As a part of the Summer Games Done Quick event, speedrunner Chris Grant used the magic of glitches to complete Pokémon Blue Version in just about 20 minutes. Watch below to see how it all goes down:

By using a myriad of familiar glitches like the Missingno item glitch, the trainer escape glitch, and the aptly named Brock Through Walls glitch, Chris was able to teleport his way into the Hall of Fame room and effectively skip beating the Elite Four, all of the Gym Leaders, and every single trainer in the game except for one Bugcatcher in the Viridian Woods.

This poor soul only wanted to train Weedles...
This poor soul only wanted to train Weedles...

Unlike battling Professor Oak or catching Mew, this glitch takes a lot of patience and a good set of Master Balls to pull off without screwing up. Are you a bad enough dude to beat Pokémon Blue with a level six Abra? Try this glitch and find out!

Tip of the hat to Chris Grant and Joe Otero of IGN for sharing this series of bizarre glitches.

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