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The 6th generation of the Pokemon franchise was a mixed bag for me. It had its ups and downs and there are a few things it could of done better. That’s what I want to talk about today. These are the things I hope Gen 7 does better than Gen 6.

First, let’s talk about the roster of new Pokemon that were introduced in Gen 6. At first glance, it looks fine. There are Pokemon like Hawlucha, Pangoro, Noivern, and the awesome starter lineup just to name a few. There is, however, one problem with the roster. Gen 6 introduces a grand total of 71 brand new Pokemon. That is a very small roster when you compare that to other generations like Gen 4, which introduced 120 Pokemon to the lineup.

A Bigger Roster

As a result of this small roster, most of the areas in the game were filled with a lot of pre-existing Pokemon and only a few new ones. You would need a lot of patience if you want to play through the whole game with a Gen 6 only team. Not only that but some Pokemon types were seriously neglected this generation. For example, Gen 6 brought in two ground type Pokemon, and one of those two was a legendary. So if you want a ground Pokemon in your party but don’t like Diggersby, you’ll have to settle for a Pokemon from a previous gen or wait until post game to catch Zygarde.

So for the upcoming gen, I would like to see a bigger roster of at least 100 Pokemon.

Balance Out Older Pokemon To Keep Up

Next, we have buffing and type changing. In Gen 6, some Pokemon got stat buffs. For example, Alakazam’s special defense was increased from 85 to 95 and Golem’s attack stat went from 110 to 120. My issue with that is the Pokemon getting the buffs don’t need them. I see this as a missed opportunity to add some value to Pokemon that were being overlooked due to low stats or stats that were too lopsided.

Some Pokemon also had their types changed either to include the new fairy type or changed to mono-fairy altogether. I thought this was a very lazy move on the part of the developers. Instead of doing that, they could have created some new fairy-type Pokemon to add to the tiny roster.

Pick a Damn Rival

Next is the rival. In my opinion, Gen 6’s handling of your rivals was a complete mess. There are too many of them, they come out of nowhere, and only one of them ends up being your actual rival. The problem with her is that she doesn’t seem to have any goal beyond beating you.

Remember Gary from Gen 1? Remember how annoyed we were with him? It wasn’t because he himself was annoying (though it didn’t help), but it was also the fact that he was after the same goal we were. Not only that, he actually beats the player to the goal. The fight with him after beating him was the finale of the whole generation. That’s just one example of a rival done right. On the other hand, I can’t even remember the names of my rivals from Gen 6.

An Evil Organization That Doesn't Suck

Moving straight on to the crime organization. This was another mess for Gen 6. Team Flare was a frat club of gaudily dressed clowns obsessed with being the most stylish or some crap like that. Compare that with the other crime syndicates that have risen and fallen in the Pokemon universe. Team Rocket wanted to take over the world. Team Galactic wanted to wipe out the world and start over. N’s Team Plasma wanted to free all Pokemon from trainers and battling. Team Flare? Um….I think they wanted to kill all ugly people with an ancient super weapon or something like that.

What makes things worse is that this “goal“ of theirs is completely disconnected from the goal of their leader Lysandre, whose end goal actually made sense. What I hope to see in Gen 7 is a crime organization that is looks and acts like an actual threat. Ever since the 3rd Generation. The crime organizations have been operating with some sort of greater good in mind. Whatever happened to having a crime organization that was just evil, like Team Rocket? I think we need more of that.

Fix the EXP Share

Another thing I hope to see is for the broken EXP Share to go. Actually, the EXP Share from Gen 6 should have been called the EXP All because that is essentially what it was. It gave ALL of your Pokemon exp during battle. It made leveling up your Pokemon entirely too easy. Now, I understand that the EXP share is an optional mechanic. In fact, I’m all for having an item that makes grinding levels less tedious. However, I think it’s a step too far when the item in question makes leveling up your Pokemon so easy that the game stops being a challenge altogether.

Add More Just-For-Fun Diversions

Finally, there are a few small knickknacks from other generations that I would like to see in this next one. First of all; in Pokemon Yellow as well as the Heart Gold & Soul Silver games, the first Pokemon in your party would follow you around. You could also turn around and interact with said Pokemon for a variety of different reactions, depending on where you were and how the Pokemon liked you. Why did this not cross over into other games?

I like the idea that you can interact with your own Pokemon on some level. The bug catching contest was another thing I’d like to see return. A contest to catch the biggest and best Pokemon is a good way to add a good addition to your party, win a prize, and hone your catching skills at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a bug catching contest. Any Pokemon type will do as long as there’s a contest. The Pokemon-Amie and Super Trainer should also return for the 7th Gen, but since they carried over to Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, I’m not worried about seeing them again.

So, those are the things I want to see on Gen 7. Will these things actually happen? Maybe. Will I pick up either game from the next gen if none of these things make it into the game? Probably. I haven’t seen any spoilers and I won’t be looking for any until the games come out. However, I think that having the things I mentioned earlier will make for an overall better generation of Pokemon.

What do you think?


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