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You remember, the simple yet addictive game where you're a small dot eating other dots to become the King of Dots? Well, imagine that combined with the animated whimsy of Finding Nemo, throw in a dash more blood, and what you have is Feed & Grow: Fish. Developed by Old B1ood, the game is currently available on Steam as an Early Access Beta and it features everything you might expect from being suddenly thrust into the cutthroat world of the food chain. And it might be one of my favorite addicting games of the summer.

Eat up, Nemo!

The overall concept of the game is pretty simple and relatively old school. You start out as a small, cute fish trying to make it out there in the big open world. You only have but a singular goal in life, to get bigger by eating and keeping yourself from getting eaten. The execution might be a little bit trickier, however, since there's always a bigger fish out there trying to get all up in your business and reduce you to useful nutrients for their growing body.

This stress swimming has the potential to be amplified in the game's multiplayer feature where you're given the chance to go up against your friends to see who real big fish in the small pond is.

What You Get With Early Access

As of right now, the game features 2 playable maps, 10 different types of fish, and is capped at level 10. As development continues, Old B1ood hopes to add more content including more maps, types of fish, and a more ironed out multiplayer experience. In it's current state, however, it still looks to be a pretty fun experience if you need a break from chasing rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Feed & Grow: Fish is currently available through Steam Early Access for $14.99.

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