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In Pokemon GO, the fastest way to catch more Pokemon is by using the item Incense. Once you use it, the Incense will create a pink smoke trail that circles you for 30 minutes and attracts Pokemon to your location for you to catch. Using Incense means you don't even have to walk around to catch Pokemon! Of course, if you do walk around, you'll likely find many more - especially the rarer Pokemon.

If you want to maximize the amount of Pokemon you catch and XP you gain while activating Incense: I'd suggest seeking out two or three PokeStops, throwing up Lures on each one, popping a Lucky Egg for the double XP bonus, *and* use an Incense. You'll level up quickly and have a very busy (and fruitful!) 30 min of Pokemon GO!

1. Get free Incense from leveling up

As you level up in Pokemon GO, you'll be able to gain several Incense just for playing the game. It's not every level, sadly, but it's not too shabby. Here's the breakdown below.

  • Level 5: 1x Incense
  • Level 7: 1x Incense
  • Level 10: 1x Incense
  • Level 15: 1x Incense
  • Level 20: 2x Incense
  • Level 25: 1x Incense
  • Level 30: 3x Incense
  • Level 35*: 1x Incense
  • Level 40*: 4x Incense (Max Level)

* = At the time of writing this article, anything past level 30 is unconfirmed since no one has actually reported leveling up past 30 to confirm rewards for these levels. Based on the leveling patterns, this is our best guess.

2. Get free incense from PokeStops after level 5

Via Neurogadget
Via Neurogadget

Once you reach level 5 in Pokemon GO, there's a chance that PokeStops will drop Incense. Get out there and find some PokeStops! There are tons of PokeStops in surprising locations like college campuses and graveyards.

3. Get Incense by using the free PokeCoins you get from the Gym Defender Bonus

Don't believe the scam sites out there: there's only one way to get 'free' PokeCoins, and you're still going to have to work for them.

Defender bonus indicated in top right
Defender bonus indicated in top right

Not many people know about this one yet, but if you have a Pokemon in a Gym, you can actually get free PokeCoins and Stardust by what's called the 'Defender Bonus'. Once you get these PokeCoins, you can spend them on anything in the Shop - but Incense is always a safe buy! Here's how it works:

  • You'll need to beat a gym and have at least one of your Pokemon installed there to defend it
  • Once you've got that, open the shop and look for the small shield icon
  • Click the shield icon and you'll get PokeCoins and Stardust based on the number of Pokemon you have that are defending gyms
  • You can only do this once per 20 hours
  • Pro-Tip: Save up a bunch of powerful Pokemon and go wipe out a bunch of lesser Gyms right before you want to use the shield

Well, that's all there is to it! Of course, you could always plop down some real money to buy Incense, but these three tips should put you in a good spot to use Incense in Pokemon GO fairly often.

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