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There's one simple reason why no one has been able to catch all 151 Pokémon since July 6: it's impossible. Aside from the fact that Mew isn't in the game yet, Pokémon GO has yet to launch in Japan, the country that actually gifted us the app, and thus particular mons are technically locked off until that happens.

So yeah, it seems Pokémon GO has actually limited certain pocket monsters to particular regions. In order to catch every one of them you'll have to do a lot more than walk around your neighborhood; you're gonna need a plane, friendo.

4 Pokémon, 4 Regions: Which One Can You Catch?

Farfetch'd - Japan


Known as Kamonegi in Japan, Farfetch'd is one of the only Pokémon not known to evolve into or from any other, and when it comes to Pokémon GO this dual type Normal/Flying stick-brandishing bird has actually been limited to Japan. You won't be able to find him anywhere else in the world.

With this in mind, it may be more of a challenge to collect 'em all then we had anticipated, unless of course you're totally willing to travel to different continents for a mobile game...

As for why Farfetch'd was limited to the Japanese isle, beats me...with a stick...what?

Mr. Mime - Europe


Any of you guys know where the art of mime was actually born? Though the performance of it originates at its earliest in Ancient Greece, the ninteenth century solidified the many attributes that we've come to associate with mime in modern times; the silent figure with the white face. This actually comes from Paris and a man called, Jean-Gaspard Deburau.

So, with that history lesson out of the way, that's probably why you can only catch Mr. Mime in Europe. Much better than my Farfetch'd explanation, am I right?

Tauros - North America


Modeled after the American bison and just...well...a bull, Tauros has been limited to good old North America. But let's hope they don't roam next to the giant beasts themselves. Seriously, have you seen a bison in real life? They can grow over 6ft (1.8m) and run at a speed of 35-40 miles an hour. Please look up from your phone. Please.

Kangaskhan - Australia


The land of Australia is home to many beasts of various size, all of which are generally terrifying and out to kill you. Except koalas, they're pretty cool. But Kangaskhan, while it has the appearance of a dinosaur crossed with an armadillo, has a little pouch on his stomach which obviously makes him a kangaroo. Hence you'll only be able to stumble upon this mon in the great down under. But the real question, friends, is this:

Are you prepared to travel to different continents just for Pokémon GO?

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