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With numerous reports over the years about studios trying to obtain the rights for a Pokémon live-action movie, it appears Legendary Pictures has been battling Warner Bros. for the chance to make big dollars. The biggest question Pokémon fans have been spewing is "Why hasn't this come out yet?" The answer is it's Pokémon and no studio wants to be the mockery in Hollywood

There better be an awesome logo like in Godzilla
There better be an awesome logo like in Godzilla

Why Pokémon Of All Things?:

Pokémon was a huge hit not only in Japan but around the world when it released in the '90s. It caught consumer's eyes with cards, movies, TV series, toys, clothes, and other merchandise like Walkie-Talkies which only die-hard collectors would buy. Not only would it catch big attention as a float at Thanksgiving Parades in NYC, but it would also bring controversies such as brainwashing, episodes giving children seizures, and a song that could trigger total 180's on young children because of the pitch.

Pokémon, whether you like to admit it or not, is an addiction, and some people just can't get enough of it. People grow up, live the adult world, and will still continue to play the games just because of it's sentimental value for their childhood. People live and make money just off the fact that they do something related with a Pokémon product.

Gotta Collect Them All
Gotta Collect Them All

The first animated movie was made for about $30,000,000 and grossed more than $80,000,000. It's not a fact that it's a classic along with next three entries in the movie line-up. However, not just the movies have dropped in popularity, but the TV series as well. Once the Unova series, Black and White, hit the world, long time fans of the series felt that it was a slap in the face, and the rates for the show proved it.

In recent years, Pokémon has gotten near to what it's popularity once was. The TV series' next season had more heart in story-telling, and the remakes of the games Ruby and Sapphire helped give Nintendo more cash in their bank. Why now? After years of rumors and speculations, why come out now and talk about obtaining a right?

Pokémon and Nintendo's Biggest Investment Pokémon Go:

With Pokémon Go making its way into everyone's lives, it's no wonder that it would be the reason for studios to jump up throwing money at Nintendo. There is more to it though such as Nintendo's stock going up 25% since the release of Pokémon Go. Entrepreneurs, film executives, and game developers have all seen this money maker and have turned their heads towards it. With Pokémon Go releasing in Japan soon, it's a wonder at how much their shares will increase even more.

That's right Go, get up, walk, and lose weight!
That's right Go, get up, walk, and lose weight!

If Nintendo's shares sky-rocketing without Japan's help doesn't bring dollar signs to your eyes like Scrooge McDuck, I really don't know what will. It's because of Pokémon Go that studios see the potential in what it has to offer. Nevertheless, Pokémon Go may become the next Angry Birds because it's just a fad. This means that Legendary Pictures needs to get on this film now before they lose the majority of people interested in the game. Problems between China and Japan may also result in the film's worldwide box office since China has been helpful with some box office flops. Pokémon won't be a large flop, but it's concern is story. Will we see a new region with new Pokémon? Who can say, but I hope we don't see new Pokémon rather than a new region.

If Fallout From Pokémon Go, Could The Movie Be In Trouble?

People have been speculating that there will be a fallout for Pokémon Go users because something new is always coming out. However, Pokémon has such a strong fan base that most likely won't be in trouble. Sure the Pokémon movies haven't been getting much care from writers on the animated side, but this is a real movie company looking to make a summer blockbuster.

Legendary Pictures needs to get started with the film hours ago because once they get a script turned in and the studio does some changes, the director can get started. They need to also grab the Pokémon Go fans who are just playing it since it's popular because they are interested in the product. They have something special, but it has been rumored that it will be centered on Detective Pikachu.

This is the right and wrong move for all the right reasons. It is wrong because they aren't expanding the world of Pokémon to a certain extent. It isn't a lie saying people will go see a movie about Pikachu, but it is the right choice. They would endanger the series if trying something new, but sticking to the mascot of the series and trying something that was attempted. It seems like a Detective Pikachu movie would be a fun adventure for children and adults would have fun, but Pikachu would need to either talk or have someone with him that would understand him like Ash. Anyways. Legendary Pictures shouldn't have trouble with making this a summer blockbuster unless it contends with Five Nights At Freddy's because it will be a monster after the next game is released.


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