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The first official trailer for Batman: The Telltale Series has finally been released and we're totally excited. Telltale games are not only addictive, but they have a reputation for their excellent, well-constructed storylines like those found in their The Walking Dead series. With an endless catalogue of Batman villains and history at their disposal, we're certainly in for a treat with Telltale's game focused on the Dark Knight and this trailer has made us anticipate it even more.

Check out the trailer for Batman: The Telltale Series:

The trailer has left us with so many questions, but before all that, let's take a closer look at what was going on, what it could possibly mean and a few Batman Easter eggs that will make die-hard Dark Knight nerds squeal with excitement.

Batman's Just Starting Out

Starting out but not beginning.
Starting out but not beginning.
"Bruce, you can't keep doing this. Step out of the shadows."

The first thing that we hear in the trailer is a worried Alfred telling Bruce that he cannot keep doing this — this quote implies that Bruce has donned the bat suit on more than one occasion before, meaning that the game series will not be Batman's origin story. Having said that, Bruce looks injured, so perhaps this quote from Alfred also suggests that he's used to getting hurt in his nightly escapades. This would imply a lack of experience, so while it's not Bruce's first outing as the Caped Crusader, he's definitely still learning.

"I know you're trying to create a myth."

These words from Alfred confirm that Bruce is very much in the early stages of crafting the Batman myth and it's having effects on his health. There is also no talk of Batman from any of the other characters in the trailer, so this might highlight a lack of knowledge about the Caped Crusader — there's also no bat signal seen, so he's probably not on good terms with the GCPD yet.

Harvey Dent Corrupt?

Two sides of the same coin.
Two sides of the same coin.
"Is the Dent campaign soliciting votes from Gotham's biggest crime family?"

It's well known in Batman mythology that Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent are good friends, and in the trailer we see that Bruce will be supporting Harvey's campaign to become mayor of Gotham City. However, inquisitive reporter Vicki Vale believes that Dent is soliciting votes from Carmine Falcone — the infamous crime boss.

Harvey Dent is destined to become Two-Face, which is the ultimate irony as it takes the bright and shiny hero of Gotham and taints him — but if he's in cahoots with Falcone then doesn't this suggest that he's corrupt to begin with?

The story of Harvey Dent's corruption has been explored in several different incarnations of Batman before, most notably The Dark Knight film and The Long Halloween comic book. The Dark Knight actually spent a lot of time building up Harvey's reputation as the savior of the city (see the similarities between this and the above trailer?) only to have it come crashing down by the end of the film.

Falcone Controls Gotham

Falcone takes on Bruce.
Falcone takes on Bruce.
"I can get Harvey the mayor seat, or I can pull it out from under him."

Falcone's reputation is arguably the most notable thing about the trailer. Alfred makes clear that the crime boss have proven impossible to take down. Falcone holds all the cards in this Gotham City.

It's also interesting to see that Falcone is heavily involved with the mayoral campaign. Later, we see Bruce talking with Falcone, who makes it clear that he has the power to make Harvey the mayor of Gotham but he also has the power to take it away. This is a negotiation and — make no mistake — Falcone is in charge.

It's quite clear that inspiration is being taken from previous Batman adaptations, most notably Batman Begins. There are also strong similarities with Gotham, in which Falcone owns half of the city and the police department are in his pocket. Moreover, The Long Halloween explored the relationship between Bruce and Falcone — Falcone tried to pressure Bruce into laundering money. There are definitely similarities between this and the scenes between the two in the Telltale trailer, though the developer have confirmed that this is a brand new storyline.

Batman Vs. Falcone

Making a statement.
Making a statement.
"Your father despised men like Falcone. No one has ever managed to bring him down."

It's made clear to us that so far, nobody has been able to take down organize crime in Gotham City. This leads us to believe that, at its heart, the main focus of this game series will be Batman taking down Falcone.

Dent makes clear that the city is overrun with corruption, so it's safe to assume that Falcone is responsible for a large part — if not all — of the corruption in Gotham City. Taking down Falcone would not only restore order in the city, but it would fulfill Bruce's desire to create that myth Alfred was talking about — if he takes down Falcone, Batman will be a legend.

What Purpose Does Catwoman Serve?


If Batman is only beginning to establish himself in this corrupt world of Gotham City, then chances are that the hasn't encountered many members of his rogues gallery yet. However, Catwoman is very much a part of this game as we saw from the images released earlier in the year, and in the trailer we see her elevating herself with a gadget and then again using her whip, but whether or not she will become a problem for Batman remains to be seen.

Also, her purpose in the game has yet to be revealed, unless she's somehow involved in the mayoral campaign but it's more than likely that she's taking advantage of the corruption of Gotham City and committing a few crimes along the way.

It's worth noting that Catwoman was featured in Batman: Year One, which also takes place relatively early into Batman's crime-fighting career, indicative that Telltale drew a little inspiration from the iconic story. Many of the game's features are surprisingly similar to Tim Burton's Batman Returns — a mayoral campaign, corruption of Gotham City and Catwoman's presence.

Other Batman Easter Eggs

As important as the storyline is in the Telltale game, there were also a few Easter eggs in the trailer that only die-hard Batman fans would've picked up on. Let's examine them.

Mayor Hill

Mayor Hill!
Mayor Hill!

Throughout the trailer there are several instances where a "Re-elect Mayor Hill" poster can be spotted in the background — obviously, this means that Harvey's competition in the mayoral campaign will be the sitting mayor named Hill. There is no specific evidence to determine if Mayor Hill will be physically featured in the game but he is a minor comic book character that is best known to fans for his inclusion in the Emmy winning Batman: The Animated Series. This neat little shoutout is perhaps only noticeable to the die-hard Batman fans, honoring the great series that changed Batman's mythos forever.

City Hall

Holy Easter egg Batman!
Holy Easter egg Batman!

The Gotham City Hall in the Telltale trailer bears a striking resemblance to the Gotham City Police Department from the 1960s Batman TV series. Also, the way that the police cars all line up outside the building before the officers enter the premises is reminiscent of the opening scene of almost every episode of Batman, just as the Dynamic Duo park the Batmobile and run into the Commissioner Gordon's office.

The trailer has given us so much to ponder over and has left us gasping for the first episode. While it was previously confirmed that this game is a fresh, original Batman story, there is no denying that it has been inspired by some of the previously successful adaptations of the character. I more than ready for this game and I didn't know it was possible, but the trailer has made me even more excited for its release.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 hits August 2. Did you notice anything else in the trailer? Tell me in the comment section below!


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