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They gave us The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales From The Borderlands and many more. Now they've given Gotham a taste of the Telltale life! Here is the tantalising synopsis provided by Telltale...

"Enter the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight. In this gritty and violent new story from the award-winning creators of The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series, you'll make discoveries that will shatter Bruce Wayne's world, and the already fragile stability of a corrupt Gotham City."

... and here is the exciting trailer!

Break Down of The Trailer

The trailer looks extraordinary, the opening line; "Bruce you can't keep doing this" is very reminiscent of Alfred's (Enn Reitel) attitude, in The Dark Knight Rises especially. As he states; "There's room for Bruce and Batman inside that suit", it makes it feel as if the game will not only revolve around Batman's role as a vigilante, but also the inner conflict that is often explored in the cinematic world; Bruce (Troy Baker) and Batman, who will win in the end? We also have Harvey Dent (Travis Willingham) running for Mayor, which is interesting as he appears to be working with Bruce; "With Bruce's help, a vote for Harvey Dent is a vote to finally put your foot down." Will we see the beginnings of Two-Face, or will he be similar to the fresh-faced Harvey in Gotham (TV series)? One primary villain seems to be Falcone (Richard McGonagle), the leader of a huge gang within Gotham. I love this choice, as the Falcone from Gotham (TV series) intrigued me a lot - he was a great villain. We also see Selina Kyle/Cat Woman (Laura Bailey) introduced - she has a great appearance and hopefully lives up to the Cat Woman name.

The game's narrative will offer, according to TellTale Games;

"a fresh interpretation of the universe set in current times, not tied to any existing iteration of Batman in games, film, or comics"

The appearance of the game looks more comic book style than other titles, perhaps done on purpose to allow for a greater immersion into the DC universe. I love the balance between the usual gloomy Gotham and some of the nice brighter colours used - it keeps the game from becoming too Batman V Superman.

All in all, I am safe to say I am pretty excited for the release. Telltale games have always been some of my favourite, I only have one more question. Will we ever get a second series of The Wolf Among Us?

The series will be split into five episodes, in true Telltale style, and episode one will be released August 2nd 2016.

What Are Your Thoughts On The 'Batman- The Telltale Series' Trailer?


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