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Stephanie Donaldson

Pokémon Go has been barely out for two weeks, and it's already taken over the planet. People are catching Pokémon left, right and centre. Most of the Pokémon either fall into the cool, beautiful or cute category, while others are a combination. With Pokémon Go we are transported into the world of Pokémon. But what would Pokémon look like in our world? Here's 10 awesome designs, which prove, Ninendo's next move should be to make a Pokémon Park (like Jurassic Park, but without the creatures killing everyone).

Starting off with a fan favourite by LindseyWArt

This gooey Ditto by MrRedButcher

Oddish turnip? by Okemian

A gloomy Gastly by SoupAndButter

I am Groot? Or I am Hitmonchan? by Sam-Peterson

A not so friendly Seel by Light-Schizophrenia

A Gyarados which makes me miss my Magikarp by Ice-wolf-elemental

These Eeveelutions which make the evolution choice even harder by Arvalis

The ever elusive Mew by Twarda8

And to top it all off, this cheeky Charmander by TAKORUone

While some of these Pokémon look amazing in real life, there are some that I would run away from without a second thought. Especially that Seel! Maybe one day Pokémon Go will expand into virtual reality, or we might even have our own Pokémon Park. But for the moment, let's just all enjoy being taken to the Pokémon world with Pokémon Go!

Which one was your favourite realistic (ish) depiction? Which Pokémon would you want to see in real life? Let me know down in the comments!


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