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Although many would argue that video games and social media are breaking up relationships, some games would do the opposite and actually bring couples together. One of those games is Pokémon GO, the app has taken the world over in just a few hours and is still dominating Google Play and the App Store.

Why Pokémon GO Might Save Your Relationship

Even though couples are attracted to their significant others due to the passion that they share, there are some things that couples clash on or might consider unimportant. Might it be something as insignificant as which console is better or more relevant topics such as political affiliation. However, when it comes to something that both of you grew up with, there's no denying that there will be an instant connection and nostalgia between the two. May it be about Woodstock, The Million Man March, or the viral hit Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO gives couples the opportunity to talk to each other without any distraction - excluding when a Charizard appears - on their Pokéhunt around the neighborhood. Consequently, remembering why you fell in love with that person or just to get fit. One of such romantic stories is what happened to tweeter Amanda Jane, who got proposed to when her boyfriend asked her to go on a walk.

Make New Friends And Maybe A Date

Not only does Pokémon GO bring couples together, but strangers, who are sharing their Poketips and making new friends, as Redditor likmbch shared on the messageboard how he met a group of people at a Pokéstop. And, as a result, he felt he was in a real Pokémon world. On top of making new friends, you might even find your next date or better yet your soulmate.

Reddit user likmbch share Pokémon Go experience
Reddit user likmbch share Pokémon Go experience

Not only that, businesses are even making it possible for Pokégathering making it easier to connect with other Pokémon masters and share a beer.

Pokémon Go at a bar in New York
Pokémon Go at a bar in New York

Granting that many of us may think that games can break a relationship, there is no denying the powerful nostalgic power that Pokémon has on us. We can bond with our significant other on anything that brings us sentimental longing. So now we can forget about the famous Netflix and Chill quote and start with Pokémon Go and Chill.

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