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The release date for one of the most anticipated games of our generation is a mere 3 weeks away. No Man's Sky has captivated the world with its fascinating approach to game design, its galaxy of planets which none of us will ever fully explore and its intriguing, if not slightly disappointing, take on multiplayer.

To get us pumped before its arrival — like we even needed it — Hello Games has been releasing a series of trailers once a week focusing on different elements of their exploration game. This week we take a look at the combat in No Man's Sky, and we're simply delighted.

No Man's Sky & Its Beautiful Combat Trailer

Accompanying the video, Hello Games prepared a little blurb to compliment these gorgeous images.

"On a planet, players are equipped with a multi-tool to defend against deadly predator creatures and mine resources. Attacking creatures – aggressive or otherwise – or mining resources will call the attention of the Sentinels, a robotic force who seeks to keep each planet in a natural, undisturbed state. The more you fight back against the Sentinels, the higher your Wanted level, and the tougher they will become – from flying drones to quadrupedal machines, towering walkers and eventually dropships.

They go on to tell us that space itself is patrolled by a race known as the Sentinels, so attacking people out in the depths of space, be they traders or freighters, will also see you gain a wanted level as the sky police hunt you down through the galaxy. Even space has rules in No Man's Sky, and it looks like we better abide.

"It’s not just the Sentinels who you need to beware of in space – pirates will swoop on the unwary, requiring you to evade and escape or fight back to defend your cargo."

Sounds like an intergalactic blast! To celebrate the game's beauty, let's enjoy some screenshots.

And in case you missed out on the previous No Man's Sky trailer, here's Exploration:

On a scale of 1 to 18 quintillion how excited are you for No Man's Sky?


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