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If there's one thing we've learned from gaming's history, it's that hugely popular products always inspire imitation. Nintendo's Wii Mote? Say hello to PlayStation Move. Activision's Skylanders? Here's Disney Infinity!

Seeing as Pokemon Go has taken over the world, it's only a matter of time before the knock-offs show up, so here are five hypothetical ones we'd love to play.

Spider-Man Go

You are the newest freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, New York's most respected news publication. Spider-Man has been spotted swinging around your city, but only you are quick enough to catch a snapshot of him using your smart phone's camera. The Bugle's editor-in-chief, J Jonah Jameson, is convinced Spidey is up to no good and is asking for as many photos of him as you can get.

Like Pokemon Snap, players earn bonus points for getting shots where the AR Spider-Man is up close, striking a pose, or is near the centre frame. With your camera in hand and a story to tell, how will you choose to portray the Wall Crawler: as a hero, or menace?

Batman: Arkham Go

In Batman: Arkham Go, the strength and intelligence of the Dark Knight is in the palm of your hands. Track suspicious criminal activity using your phone's GPS and when you arrive, swipe the touch screen to aim and throw batarangs at augmented reality thugs.

Riddles are also scattered across the world, and players will need to find clues left at multiple crime scenes to uncover a larger plot to take down Batman. As you level up, criminal encounters go from lowlife crooks to battles with some of Batman's greatest foes, including Bane, Mr. Freeze, and The Joker.

The Last of Us / The Walking Dead Go

Following a mysterious biological outbreak, your world has been transformed into an apocalyptic wasteland where scavenging supplies is the only way to survive. Track down resources like food rations and weapons from geo-location drop points in the real world and be ready to fight for your life.

Unlike Pokemon Go, players won't want to find out what creatures are hiding just around the corner. When a clicker / walker appears on the map, you'll either need speed or the weapons you've collected from drop points to escape in one piece. Anyone can play, but will you live long enough to tell the tale?

Ghostbusters Go

When ghosts invade the human world who are you gonna call? No one - you're the Ghostbuster! Use your latest gadget, the proton phone, to shoot a highly energized stream of protons and positrons and capture ghosts that appear through your screen in the real world.

Collect and document all types of ghosts for research purposes, and team up with other busters to more easily capture ghosts. Just make sure to never cross the streams!

Digimon Go

The real world and Digital World have collided! Now Digimon, giant digital monsters, are inhabiting the human world - but they're only visible through electronic devices like smart phones and tablets.

Journey out into the real world with one of seven partner Digimon, and find other monsters that either need to be stopped or are willing to join your team. With each encounter your Digimon partner will become one step closer to Digivolving into a new form. Only by embracing these digital beings can you restore their world and yours to their original forms.

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