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Ever since the acclaimed video game developers, Telltale Studios, announced that they were working on a Batman game, people were excited. They are responsible for such critical darlings based on popular comic series such as The Walking Dead and Fables. So now they are getting a crack at the most popular superhero of today. Batman. But details were scarce about what the game was going to be about. The trailer was released and we get our first glimpse.

It is set in the early days of Bruce Wayne being Batman. We see James Gordon who is only graying at the temples. Alfred is giving Bruce Wayne one of his more common "how long can you do this?" talks but it is clear that this is probably one of their first. Harvey Dent (who will become Two-Face) is running for District Attorney. Batman is encountering Catwoman for the first time. His main adversary seems to be Carmine Falcone, a mob boss. There are no hints of his more colorful villains.

Most Batman games tend to skip over his earlier years. Typically in Batman lore, he does not encounter supervillains until his second or third year into being Batman. His main goal when becoming Batman was getting rid of the mob. This seems to be the case with this game as well. Of course this trailer only seemed to go into details about the first episode of the series and there are five in total. So who knows how it will evolve? Maybe there will be time jumps.

There is also heavy emphasis on Bruce Wayne's role in the city. A lot of media outside of the comics tend to skirt around the issue of the role Bruce Wayne and his company have on the city. It is a known fact that economics play an important part in crime. A healthy thriving city should have a lower crime rate. Telltale has said that players will have to choose how certain events play out. Will they punch their way out of things as Batman or be a more guiding hand as Bruce Wayne. This will play on the duality of Bruce Wayne/Batman that never gets explored in video games.

All in all this looks to be the very least an interesting take on Batman in video games. It won't just be all about the action. Telltale is known for being a story first, type of developer. So the least we can expect to have an interesting story about the early years of Batman. The first episode will be released on August 2nd.


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