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Thanks to some dedicated trainers out there, we now know that in order to catch 'em all with Pokémon GO you're going to need an airplane. Four specific Pokémon have been region locked and can only be found on four individual continents. But aside from these limitations, players should be able to obtain over 140 unique pocket monsters without the need to travel too far from their local area.

But every place is different.

In order to aid them on their journey, trainers have been turning to Google for answers in terms of snatching that particularly elusive mon. Gathering this data, Chris Smith and his dedicated team over on decluttr have analyzed search terms like ‘where is…’ and ‘how to find…’, paired them with Pokémon and then measured the search traffic in each individual US state. The results give us an indication of the most difficult to find Pokémon all over the country.

Care to take a look?

Pokemon GO, State By State

Let's break it down:

  • Alabama — Ditto
  • Alaska — Eevee
  • Arizona — Pikachu
  • Arkansas — Charizard
  • California — Squirtle
  • Colorado — Porygon
  • Connecticut — Golem
  • Delaware — Pikachu
  • Florida — Mewtwo
  • Georgia — Abra
  • Hawaii — Pikachu
  • Idaho — Mew
  • Illinois — Eevee
  • Indiana — Moltres
  • Iowa — Vaporean
  • Kansas — Pikachu
  • Kentucky — Pinsir

For your information, the third most searched for Pokémon in the US is Ditto. This little guy has been absurdly elusive and you're bound to uncover numerous posts attempting to determine its whereabouts.

  • Louisiana — Electrabuzz
  • Maine — Charizard
  • Maryland — Ditto
  • Massachusetts — Dragonite
  • Michigan — Gengar
  • Minnesota — Gyarados
  • Mississippi — Pikachu
  • Missouri — Squirtle
  • Montana — Bulbasaur
  • Nebraska — Mew
  • Nevada — Eevee
  • New Hampshire — Abra
  • New Jersey — Articuno
  • New Mexico — Zapdos
  • New York — Ditto

However, not exactly what we expected, the second most searched for pocket monster is actually Eevee with 4 US states having this cute normal type as their number one. Apparently it's damn good at hiding. Who knew?

  • North Carolina — Eevee
  • North Dakota — Scyther
  • Ohio — Dratini
  • Oklahoma — Vulpix
  • Oregon — Lapras
  • Pennsylvania — Aerodactyl
  • Rhode Island — Pikachu
  • South Carolina — Staryu
  • South Dakota — Ditto
  • Tennessee — Zapdos
  • Texas — Eevee
  • Utah — Charmander
  • Vermont — Persian
  • Virginia — Onix
  • Washington — Moltres
  • West Virginia — Growlithe
  • Wisconsin — Metapod
  • Wyoming — Blastoise

And the number one most searched for Pokémon in Pokémon GO is? You guessed it:

Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Rhode Island are all hunting for the ultra-cute star of the TV series. But there's actually a way you can make Pikachu your starter Pokémon, but I find it highly unlikely that you're prepared to stop playing with your current account and start a new one, right?

Which Pokémon are you desperately searching for?



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