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Silent Hill was one of the first horror games we got to experience on the PS1 when we were much younger than we are now. Many of us were thinking we could handle a horror game just to brag to our friends that we played an "adult" game as we called it 17 years ago. Since then, we've played a decent amount of horror games across many consoles. Some would turn out just okay, and others would scar you for life. Here's a list of five moments that gave us mini heart attacks when we were playing.

1. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.

When Nemesis jumped through the window during a moment of silent, terrifying, ambience and I literally threw the controller at the screen in that moment.

2. P.T

I confess, I never managed to beat it. Not because I was afraid of the game, but because of my fear for my mental health. While playing, I felt my heart just jump to my throat and I had to swallow it back in. If I had to choose which moment was most terrifying, I would probably choose everything in this game.

3. Slender

First time I tried out this game, I didn't see it as scary as everyone seem to claim. What makes it scary is the tense feeling you get from silent background music and walking in the woods at night time. That tense feeling makes you jumpy to whatever happens in the game, especially when Slender decides to pop up in your face all the sudden.

4. Fatal Frame II

That moment when the ghost was behind Mio and she had to turn to see over her shoulder. I could list down many scary moments from this game, but that part was the only time I had a mini heart attack.

5. Evil Within

Casually walking and then Laura decides to meet you. I honestly panicked and I was mashing buttons the moment she showed up.

Dead Space and Outlast has their moments as well but I would consider these as my top five for now.

What are the games that gave you mini heart attacks ?


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