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Legendary Entertainment has sealed the deal to bring the live-action adaptation of Pokémon to Hollywood following a bout with studio rival, Warner Bros in a bid to work with The Pokémon Company in bringing the iconic franchise to the silver screen.

According to Variety, Legendary Entertainment, who recently finished up work on The Hunger Games and Warcraft: The Beginning have reportedly fast tracked development for production to start in January of 2017.

The studio has acquired the rights to the franchise which means that they will not be limited to just one movie; reports suggest that 2017’s live action adaptation will be the first of many Pokémon movies.

What will the first ever live-action Pokémon movie be about?


The world’s first ever Pokémon live action movie will focus its attention on none other than Pikachu, of course. The franchise will kick things off with a Detective Pikachu movie – whether or not this will have any direct ties to the Detective Pikachu video game that released last year in Japan is still unknown.

The movie sees Pikachu pick up the lead role as a detective, he will work alongside a supporting cast (of humans) that will assuringly accompany the lil fella around on his investigations. This choice of leading character not only allows Legendary to capitalize on one of the franchise's most popular characters but it also allows far greater scope for dialogue, as Pikachu is one of the rare Pokémon that can talk.


With the ink still drying on the contracts, details surrounding plot and cast are yet to be developed, but which performers would you consider for a Pokémon live-action movie?

One can only hope and pray that Pikachu gets the vocal talents of Danny DeVito, anyone else with me on this?!

Who would you cast in the new Pokémon live-action movie?

[Source: Variety]

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