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Roll out the red carpet, this trainer has done what many of us currently perceive to be impossible, Redditor ftb_hodor has officially filled up his Pokedex and caught ‘em all.

That’s right; ftb_hodor has seen and caught all of the Pokémon available in Pokémon GO. The player has hatched 200 hundred eggs and walked 153KM.

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Before we go any further into just how the heck ftb_hobor has achieved this triumphant accolade, this is what it looks like to have caught all the Pokémon in Pokémon GO:

Note: There are a few missing icons (above), according to ftb_hobor, this is because "5 Pokémon aren't in game yet and 3 are region locked and not available in US".

Holy moley, this trainer must have thighs that can crack mountains. According to Reddit, this trainer has walked day and night in order to catch all the different variations of Pokémon available in Pokémon GO. But of course, it doesn’t stop there; there are eggs to be hatched, 200 eggs to be precise.

I've hatched 200 eggs. Gotten maybe 10-15 10k eggs

However, if you are considering doing the same, be advised that it may now take a lot longer as these were all pre-patch. It is believed that Niantic have nerfed this particular area to slow down progression somewhat. ftb_hobor says:

Almost all of those were pre patch. I've only seen one since the patch. Pretty positive they nerfed the drop rate as others have reported similar experiences.

One Redditor asks, how many pounds ftb_habor lost in his pursuit of pokemon glory? ftb replied:

About 8. Walking an average of 8 miles a day for two weeks will do that for you, apparently.

Apparently, ftb_hobor has no current plans to travel to Europe or Asia in pursuit of the region locked Pokémon.

Any tips on how to max out our Pokedex? ftb_habor obliged with:

1. Walk in a straight line to hatch eggs. It measures distance displacement rather than steps, so if you walk in a circle or zig zag your distance counted to eat eggs ill be much less than you walk.
2. Dratini is hard to find. Either get lucky and find a dragonite (I didn't) or look/ask around for a good dratini nest.
3. Find spots with 3+'overlapping lures

Quite the achievement, this has taken serious dedication and a pat on the back from all of us here at Now Loading is certainly in order, well done!

How far along are you? Are you close to completion? Share your progression below!

[Source: Reddit]


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