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"Gotta catch 'em all" has been the iconic slogan for the Pokemon series since its inception. Naturally, the release of Pokemon GO prompted lots of jokes about being the best and catching them all. And while some people were content sitting on their totally respectable roster of 64 Pokemon, others really did want to catch them all — and that's exactly what one person has done.

As we've reported before, only a couple weeks after Pokemon GO's launch, Reddit user ftb_hodor as actually gone and caught them all — well, all of the ones available in North America, at least, which is still an astounding 142 Pokemon. If you're like most people who read that, you probably yelled, "HOW?!"

Turns out it's surprisingly simple with enough dedication! Here's exactly how he managed to complete his Pokedex:

He caught a lot of Pokemon and acquired a lot of Eggs.

This first point is certainly a lot easier considering he lives in New York (as opposed to a Pokemon-less rural wasteland), because he was able to travel to a set of four PokeStops pretty regularly thanks to Central Park's plethora of PokeAttractions. And yes, catching all the Pokemon obviously requires catching a lot of Pokemon, but "a lot" is probably more than you'd think.

How much more? ftb_hodor shared a picture of his achievement which showed that he has caught a total of 4,269 Pokemon and hatched 303 Eggs on his journey to being the best. And yes, that required walking. So. Much. Walking.

Just how much walking does it take to hatch that many Eggs?

ftb_hodor has walked roughly 153 kilometers — or, nearly 100 miles for those inevitably preparing to Google — just in the past few weeks in order to hatch all those Eggs and consistently travel to the nearby PokeStops. (But would he walk 100 more just to be the man who walked 200 miles?)

Answering questions in the obligatory Reddit thread, he revealed that he lost about eight pounds while doing this and averaged around eight miles per day. And before you get skeptical, keep in mind, you can only move so quickly before the game stops counting your movement towards Egg hatching

So he probably did nothing but 'Pokemon GO' for two weeks, huh?

Surprisingly enough, no. In fact, ftb_hodor actually maintained his 50-hours-per-week work schedule. Color me impressed (though, one wonders where he fit sleep into his schedule).

And if you're wondering, "What level is he after all this?" well, he's managed to hit level 31. I admit, I expected higher, but this goes to show you that the game's leveling gets pretty unforgiving once you start gaining levels.

Okay, but how do you catch all the Pokemon?

This is the tricky part. For starters, only three of the remaining nine have ever actually been seen — and they all appear to be region-specific. Kangaskhan has so far only been spotted in Oceanic regions (like Australia), Mr. Mime is common over in Europe, and Farfetch'd is exclusive to Asian regions. (Tauros is the North American exclusive, though ftb_hodor has him in his collection.)

The remaining six — Ditto, the three legendary birds, and Mew/Mewtwo — are expected to be released as part of special, community-based occasions. While I'm not sure he plans to travel abroad anytime soon, I wouldn't be surprised to run into him at some of these events!

How many Pokemon have you caught, and what level are you in 'Pokemon GO' right now? Have any other crazy stories about impressive players you've run into? Let us know below!

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