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Our latest video this week, takes place in the world of Fallout 4. Hancock: that Ghoul guy who hangs out with humans - but how do the feral crowd feel about him abandoning their way of life?

Where do Ghouls come from?

There are quite a few different versions of the Ghoul Origin. Who are they? Where did they come from? And why can some of them speak and wear clothes, and others glow green and try to eat you?

Tim Cain (producer and programmer for Fallout) believes that Ghouls are the result of radiation exposure - based on our understanding of radiation in the 1950s. Chris Taylor (lead designer for Fallout), on the other hand, believes that you need a mix of both radiation exposure and infection from FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) - the stuff that makes Super Mutants and Deathclaws.

Either way, the constant reason for turning into a Ghoul is exposure to the Nuclear Fallout from the Great War. In Fallout 1, most Ghouls were created from vault-dwellers living in Vault 12. As part of the Vault Experiment Program, Vault 12 was designed to have an unsealed door. After the radiation from nuclear detonations and fallout contaminated the vault, dwellers either died or mutated into Ghouls (depending how exposed they were).

It is suggested that Ghouls from elsewhere in the Fallout Universe were exposed to radiation in their homemade shelters, which were not suitable to fully protect the inhabitants. lso, people who lived in areas that weren't close to a nuclear explosion, but were exposed to low levels of radiation over time, could also mutate.

Hancock however, became a Ghoul after the use of an experimental radioactive drug. He doesn't mind though, as he considers the high "so worth it" and essentially became immortal.

The main classes of Ghouls are Intelligent, Feral and Glowing.

Intelligent Ghouls, such as Hancock, are essentially Ghouls that haven't had their minds destroyed from radiation poisoning. They speak, have memories, use weapons, wear clothes and... do drugs.

Feral Ghouls are instinctive flesh driven savages. Their minds have deteriorated from radiation, and will attack anyone and anything except other feral ghouls.

Glowing Ghouls have absorbed so much radiation that they glow green. They can sustain more damage, and can emit radiation (which can heal nearby Ghouls).

Strictly speaking, if our animation was "accurate", then the Ghoul gang would be fighting amongst themselves, and would then turn on Hancock. They would also totally not be able to talk to him at all - but where's the fun in that?

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