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As all players of the viral Pokemon GO app should know, one of the first things you see upon opening the app is a warning screen reminding players to stay aware of their surroundings.

With the number of accidents that have occurred since the app's launch, it seems that this warning has often gone ignored. Here are a list of no-nos to keep in mind while playing the popular game.

1. Littering

Some people have noticed a growth in the amount of litter in areas where Pokemon GO players have gathered. Please, do not litter.

2. Do Not Wander Into Police Stations, Or Other Official Buildings

A number of Poke-Stops have been placed at Police Stations. You do not need to go inside to collect your items.

An exception, of course, is if you have been accosted by a member of Team Rocket. Ask to speak with Officer Jenny, who will be happy to help you.

3. Do Not Play While Crossing The Road

One teenage girl playing Pokemon Go as she crossed the road was hit by a car, and blames the game for her misfortune. Her Mother has plans to sue. She will not get far.

The game warns you. It is not Pokemon Go's fault if you are not smart enough to follow simple road safety. Put your phone away while you are crossing.

4. Do Not Play Too Close To Lakes Or Ponds

Watch the above video. Do not be that guy. Again, just pay attention to your surroundings.

5. Do Not Play Near Cliff Edges

You'd think this would be self explanatory, but unfortunately no. Two Californian men were injured after climbing over safety rails and falling from a cliff while hunting Pokemon.

Seriously, be careful. A Pokemon is not worth your life. Except if its a Mew. Maybe a Dragonite. Otherwise, Let it go.

6. Don't Pokemon Go And Drive

When you are driving, your eyes should be on the road, not the Caterpie on your windshield. A Pokemon is definitely not worth risking the lives of other people.

Unless.. it's not a Mew, is it?

Just kidding.. Mostly.

Stay Safe, and Catch 'Em All!


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