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It’s a Pokémon first, the hotly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon will, for the first time in Pokémon history, allow players to train their Pokémon beyond the usual level 100 cap (without using glitches).

The Pokémon GO phenomenon certainly has recaptured the global enthralment of Pokémon. Trainers young and old, novice and expert, have come together, playing shoulder to shoulder in poke-hunting unity. With players tracking down their favourite Pokémon across all seven continents, it is safe to say that the Pokémon bug is very much embedded into 2016.

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As the Pokémon GO craze settles down slightly, into more of a simmer, trainers far and wide are steadily becoming more and more curious as to what lies ahead. Pokémon Sun and Moon, releasing November 18, are two brand new Pokémon role playing games that form part of the first instalments in the seventh generation of the Pokémon game series.

There have been a few new announcements made over the past month regarding the two new Pokémon games, including the introduction of new Pokémon, but today’s news is the biggest groundbreaker so far.

Level 100 and beyond...

The introduction of ‘hyper training’ is a brand new feature that Game Freak has introduced, but wait for it, this feature can be used keep progressing Pokémon that are level 100.

Pokémon Sun and Moon now allows players to level up their Pokémon, using the new and improved system, to new heights. This new training method will work for stats across the board: Attack, Defence, Special Attack and Defence plus Speeds can all be upgraded.

By no means will this make the actual process of levelling up your Pokémon a walk in the park, it will still take time and dedication. Players will still need to trade in exchange for bottle caps to get the specific ‘hyper’ requirements. Oh, and the guy you need to trade with is called Mr Hyper (yea, really).

Pokémon Sun and Moon is set in the Alola region, a string of islands, that seem to take a lot of their inspiration from Hawaii. The lead scientist in the region is known as, Professor Kukui. The Kukui is a candlenut, the Hawaiian state tree.

Pokémon Sun And Moon will surely be just as popular as Pokémon GO and with very little time left until their release, it seems that the world better get ready for another Pokémon fuelled craze.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available November 18, 2016 on Nintendo 3DS.

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