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We already know that Pokemon Go is bringing couples closer together, but what if you haven't found the one yet? You can join some of the mass gatherings of Pokemon Go players in major cities or you can check out a new matchmaking service aimed directly at you aspiring Pokemon trainers.

Project Fixup a dating service that has long offered to match couples by common interests and send them out on dates doing something they enjoy like wine tasting or bike riding. And now....Pokemon hunting. Their new PokeDates service will, for a fee of $20, send a couple both excited about Pokemon Go out on a Weedle hunt together. They are even offering their first matchup for free if you use the POKEDATES2016 promo code with additional free matchups if you recruit friends into the service.

Here's How Pokemon Dating Works

You create an account on the site and fill out an application that asks for basic information about yourself. The company then makes a match by hand, no computer algorithms are used. Then you are sent to a nearby Pokestop or Gym to meet your, um, PokeMatch. We recommend taking them on a hunt for a Legendary Pokemon if you really want to impress them.

The application is flexible, open to same sex interests and what age range you're willing to date, but it has one fatal flaw. There's no field in the questionnaire asking what Pokemon team you are on. Can you imagine how awkward it would be when you find out that your date is Team Instinct when you show up wearing your Team Valor shirt? Deal breaker right there, my friend.

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