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At the start of the Pokemon Go, you've got all the items you could possibly ask for and more. I don't think I ever fell below 100 Pokeballs until I hit level 10!

Once you begin to level up, though, you're going to want things like more Lures, more Incense, and more Incubators. Most of these things you can get for free through leveling and Pokestops, but it'll be a slow grind! The quickest option is just buying them in the store for PokeCoins.

The easiest way to get PokeCoins is buying them with real money - but you can also get PokeCoins without having to pay for them! Here's how.

The Defender Bonus: Get free PokeCoins by putting your Pokemon in Gyms

Most new players don't realize this because you need to be at least level 5 to even go to a Pokemon Go Gym - and if you do, you might be too afraid to challenge the Gym Leader at first.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Add one of your own Pokemon to defend a Gym
  • Then go to the Shop menu in Pokemon Go
  • Click the green shield icon in the top right, you can only do this once every 20 hours
The green shield icon is the defender bonus!
The green shield icon is the defender bonus!

How Many PokeCoins can I get with Defender Bonus?

You'll get 10 free PokeCoins for each Pokemon you currently have defending Gyms! That said, the defender bonus has a limit: you can only get the bonus for a maximum of 10 Gyms at a time.

So, that means 10 PokeCoins x 10 Gym Defenders = 100 PokeCoins per day. That's the equivalent of about $1 worth of free PokeCoins per day, if you're making the most of the Defender's Bonus!

Reinforce: How to add your Pokemon to a Gym your team already owns

If you find a Gym that's not on your team, you can beat it and add your own Pokemon right away - that's pretty intuitive.

However, to add your Pokemon to Gym that's already owned by Team Mystic (or one of the other teams, I GUESS) then you'll need to go up to Gym and press the 'Add Pokemon' button. Then just select the Pokemon you want to be a defender!

If that button doesn't show up, that means the Gym's slots are full. You'll have to press the 'Train' button to have a friendly battle to level up the Gym. This will unlock more Pokemon Defender slots and then you can reinforce the Gym with one of your Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go craze continues to sweep the world and it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon as more and more countries are added to the mix. The iOS and Android game has been bringing people together for thousand-person sing-alongs, getting people to explore for hidden PokeStops and to find the rarest Pokemon, and Pokemon Go is even starting relationships. Let's be honest, there's no better pick up line than: "Hey, I'm going to walk by the river to beat some gyms and get PokeCoins, want to come along?"


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