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A feature that many Pokémon GO players have been longing for is coming in a future update. Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke confirmed at the Pokémon GO Panel at SDCC that, finally, players would be able to start trading.

Trading has always been a key feature in the Pokémon video games and many players missed that feature when they first downloaded the app. Fortunately, the designers have taken notice and are making plans to add this sought after element to the game.

Although Niantic has tested Pokémon trading in beta, it was not released with the app. In the beta, trainers could search for potential trading partners who were nearby and petition them for a trade, consequently responding in either a yes or a no. Granting that the Pokémon GO designers have played around with this idea, it's unknown if the future update will have the same approach or if trading will be possible via the Internet or another channel.

By making Pokémon trading possible it would allow gamers to obtain allegedly region locked Pokémon like Mr. Mime and Farfetch'd without having to spend money and time to travel all the way to Europe or Asia.

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