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The following video was put together with the help of two of our fantastic Creators - thanks guys! Hosted by Leo Camacho, scripted by Michael Mitchell.


Hello, I’m Leo with Movie Pilot and Now Loading, and today we’re talking fast facts about video game records.

Here are 14 things you didn’t know about video game speedruns and challenge runs.

1. Let’s start with a classic: Pac-Man! Did you know that the iconic arcade game can actually be beaten? That’s right, if you beat all 255 levels of the game while also eating every dot, fruit, and ghost possible, you’ll achieve a score of 3,333,360

2. The original record was set by Billy Mitchell in 1999 but has since been beaten by David Race with a time of 3 hours, 33 minutes, and 12.69 seconds

3. Half-Life 2! In the race to complete the game, the folks over at SourceRuns have lapped pretty much everyone many times over. Utilizing some of the game’s movement glitches, they beat the old record (which they also set) by completing the game in a stunning 40 minutes and 49 seconds.

4. But! That’s nothing compared to the glitch that lets you beat A Link to the Past in just a few minutes and without fighting any enemies at all. You can actually glitch through the map and run past all the enemies right to the end of the game, easy peazy.

5. In 2015, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was beaten in 103 hours! Which doesn’t sound impressive at first until you learn that the guy was blindfolded the whole time. Runnerguy2489 had to rely on his memory and sound cues from the game to finally beat the game.

6. We’re not just talking about speedruns, we also want to nod to other crazy feats of self-imposed challenges. For example, a player named “Insane” Doubleagent reached max level in World of Warcraft without ever picking a faction. To do so, he had to pick herbs and mine ore in the Pandaren starting zones all the way to max level. His reward? There will actually be an NPC dedicated to him in the upcoming Legion expansion.

7. World of Warcraft seems to be a hotbed for challenges, as many players have also taken on the Ironman Challenge, which turns leveling into a ‘Hardcore Mode’ experience with almost no gear and only one life.

8. Not your kind of challenge? Well maybe reaching max level with a dance pad is more your cup of tea. That’s exactly what New Zealand streamer Rudeism did recently, using only his feet and some sick moves.

9. And speaking of sick moves, how about… (pause)...Splash! Magikarp is widely seen as the most useless Pokemon ever made - so several gamers have gone out of their way beat the Elite Four with only Magikarps. And, yes, it is possible.

10. It would be impossible to do this list without mentioning Speed Demos Archive and their Games Done Quick charity streams. Among all the Games Done Quick events, at the time of this recording over $6 million dollars have been raised for charities like Doctors Without Borders, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, CARE, and more. So, in honor of SDA here are just a few of their achievements to round us out:

11. During the January 2016 Games Done Quick event, two players raced to beat Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!! while blindfolded. The winner beat the game in 25 minutes and 27 seconds.

12. In 2013, a player beat Diddy Kong Racing in 50 minutes and 49 seconds, breaking the world record at the time.

13. Speedrunner Eeveespiritt actually ran out of battery during a New Super Mario Bros. 2 run but she still managed to come back and beat the game in 31 minutes and 35 seconds.

14. During the 2014 AGQD, two players beat GoldenEye for the N64 in just over 24 minutes using the two-controller method - where one player controls movement and the other player controls shooting.

Well, that wraps us up! These are just 14 of our favorite records, but if there are any we missed - feel free to pop them down in the comments. I’ve been Leo with Movie Pilot and Now Loading, and I’ll see you next time.


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