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Finally some more news about Kingdom Hearts 3. With 2.8 coming closer and closer, it's about time we got some real news about the next new major installment in the series. In an interview with Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura talked about Kingdom Hearts 3 and just how big of a game it will be, both for the series and in actual play-time.

"It's not that I've spread the story out, perhaps it's more that I've separated the parts that would have ruined [Kingdom Hearts 3‘s] tempo if they were told then. In fact, [Kingdom Hearts 3] is overwhelmingly big, so it's not that content has been shaved off, and it's something I've worried over how to handle.
And then, to me, I've made a lot of RPGs so far, and I think rather than listening to long explanations at the start of the game, we want to enjoy the adventure right away, so I decided to try and keep the opening exposition part of [Kingdom Hearts 3] as short as possible.
Because of that, maybe people will be like, "why is Sora here?", feeling like [Kingdom Hearts 3] begins comparatively abruptly. Of course, if you keep playing, you'll work out the minimum about the situation."

TL;DR: 'Kingdom Hearts 3 is huge, and there are lots of different parts, even if the intro is short. I make RPGs and this one's going to be fun so buy it and play it.'


I, for one, am super excited to finally hear some more news about Kingdom Hearts 3's size, after all we've been relatively in the dark about the game until recently when Square Enix has been slowly giving us a few more tidbits about the game here and there.

Alright, back on track, though, what exactly does this mean for the game, besides being huge? Well, for starters it gives us the possibility of new worlds, a potential tie-in with U:X, and we might even see a character die.

A Whole New Big Bad

As we all know, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the last installment of the Xehanort Saga, but not the end of the series, so one thing that the game will be tasked with is introducing a new villain to take the mantle from Xehanort.

While the games have been full of Disney villains in the form of boss fights, consider the Disney villains as the one-off villains of Marvel movies, and Xehanort as the Thanos, sure the other villains are interesting, but they don't have the gravitas to truly fill the shoes left by Xehanort.

One theory is that Unchained:Chi is actually introducing the new big bad.

A Big Game Means Plenty of Space For New Locations

This is the part everyone speculates and makes wish-lists about when talking about Kingdom Hearts 3, in the same way Smash Bros has always had people talking about what characters will be playable. As for worlds we know will be featured, we know Big Hero 6 and Tangled will be newcomers, and Twilight Town and Olympus Colosseum will be returning.

If the game is to be as big as Nomura leads us to believe it will be, though, then we can hopefully expect many more new worlds to be announced before the launch!

Death, Death, And More DEATH!


Kingdom Hearts, contrary to most other RPGs, has had relatively little in the realm of death. While most of that lies on the fact that Disney will probably go bankrupt before they let Square Enix kill one of their IPs in their only lasting venture into video games, but another is that there hasn't been a need to up until now.

The whole series has been about finding Sora's friends, but now that as of Kingdom Hearts 3 everyone is all together again, in order to keep that sense of loss in this installment, a death might just be the way to do it. While I would love to see Sora die, and have Riku take over, it's just not likely, especially considering they said Sora would return as the protagonist after Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently slated for April 2017.

What do you want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let me know in the comments!


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