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If you came across this masterpiece of a game, you either hate it or love it. Rule of Rose was released back in 2006 on the PS2 and falls into the horror category but adding a psychological element into it. To be honest I was confused the whole time I was playing it, not to mention the set of emotions I went through as I progressed in the game. There are the five emotions you'll experience.

*This post include spoilers

1. Interested

So the game begins with a creepy song, shows a few cutscenes, and makes you interested in the story. Who is who? What happened? Where is this? The song gives you goosebumps if you focus on the lyrics then later it builds into a violin themed track with a more dangerous vibe to it.

2. Confused

Then it gets random as the game starts showing you different locations and parts from stories which are handwritten with creepy drawings in them. While you try to chain together newspaper clippings info with these stories, you stay confused on why in the world these kids want to make your life a living hell.

3. Rage

You're trying to make peace with your mind because you got sort of "lost," but you're too proud to admit it. All while holding back the rage from the random attacks the main character, Jennifer, has to deal with from creatures named Imps (which are basically children with disfigured faces). But then you reach that boiling point when you slowly realize how bad Jennifer actually attacks. To sum it up, just swinging forks isn't going to cut it. As a player, you start to accept the fact that she just deserves to die because you could swing a spoon better than she could. Jennifer honey, you are an adult and they are children! For the love of god!

4. Disgust

So you try so hard not to hate on these kids, then you reach the breaking point and realize that the children in this game aren't just messed up, they are pure evil. Their punishments take one of the worst form of bullying and will make you feel disgusted.

5. WT...F?

Eventually, you'll be shouting WTF to everything this game reveals as you analyze the meaning of the children's story books. From the sexual implied mermaid story, passing to animal abuse scenes of the bloody bag as they beat it, to the violence of how everyone died and how the whole game ended.

Have you played this game ? How did it make you feel ?


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