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Of the four pillars that the very basis of No Man's Sky's gameplay rest upon, crafting has to be the most vital component of what makes this game truly special. If you're into roaming through the stars and the periodic table that is.

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Crafting is the art of making the trinity of utensils that ferry and keep you safe in the cold of space, better. These things being your suit, your ship and your multi-tool/weapon. Throughout your race to the centre of the universe, you will have the chance to mine as many minerals and resources as you can carry.

Your choice will be whether to utilize them to make your avatar a bigger intergalactic badman, a force of financial fluidity or all of the above.

How will you choose?

Crafting In No Man's Sky

The Inventory

No Man's Sky's inventory UI
No Man's Sky's inventory UI

First I have to point out the slots in No Man's Sky's inventory UI. Each slot can be filled with elements, compounds, technological advancements or left empty depending on your current mission. So, regarding your spacesuit, you can either mix and match elements and compounds to create a more functional, shielded suit for battle-intense worlds, or hold the slots so you can carry more things to either craft or trade for units/other goods.

Also, mixing different compounds and elements will give your avatar a boost in a particular field, whether that be attack or defense.

Fuel is King

Outta the way, you rock
Outta the way, you rock

Every time I read or watch something new regarding No Man's Sky's core mechanics, I can't help but feel like this game will have one hell of a steep learning curve. But what else would you expect from a game of this magnitude! We are interplanetary pioneers after all.

Anyway, another of the most important ingredients in this pudding of survival is fuel, and you would be better off looking for it in any corner you can. Fuel not only powers your ship, it counts as the ammo in your weapons & multitools. But, luckily for us, the compounds needed to create fuel are, naturally, free to be found all over the galaxy by mining plutonium, and other such treats, from planets and asteroids. Yes, asteroids.

According to Sean Murray himself, you can ascertain which goodies are hiding out in the belly of celestial boulders by their shape and size. But that fact will be cleared up more-so in the weeks to come.


We've been spoilt by games and their regenerative shields over the last few years, and it seems as if No Man's Sky surely wants to buck that trend. Shields are another vital component that are wrapped up in crafting and scavenging. Attempting to mine as much silicon as you can earlier in the game can lead to dramatic increments to your shield's capabilities, both for your suit and for your ship.

These are just a few pointers toward how to handle the crush of crafting once No Man's Sky finally releases. Once it does and we learn more information about the mechanics of crafting, and the like, you better believe you'll be the first to know.

So keep it locked to Now Loading for all of the most helpful No Man's Sky tips and tricks.

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