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The phenomenon that is Pokemon Go looks to just grow bigger as the days go by with no intent on stopping. We have all been crashing the servers ever since the game was released trying to catch em all. Pokemon Go has been one of the biggest movements happening this year and its easy to see why. The game is truly the first of its kind has taken the stage at Comic Con this past weekend to talk about what's coming next.

One of the most asked for additions to the game since its inception has been the ability for players to trade Pokemon. It looks like that the company behind the Pokemon Go game, Niantic, has listened. In the panel that the company had on Sunday they had this to say about trade in the future

Trading is not in Pokemon Go today, but it's something we're working on bringing to the product

This, is of course, is some exciting news for many fans of the game who have been wanting this since day one. The ability to trade Pokemon would definitely add a new layer to the game that would make it much more social than it already is. There was also talk about having Pokestops be able to have customization that would potentially turn them into breeding and healing centers. Of course, healing centers and trading is pretty cool, but what about some new Pokemon?

There was also talk about adding more generations of Pokemon as time went on. All of this could definitely have us entertained with Pokemon Go longer than many of us expected. This would definitely give more content to the fans who have been asking for it, one person has even caught all the Pokemon already released. It's clear that there is a demand for more Pokemon so this has to be some exciting news for everyone. When and how this will all happen still hasn't been officially announced, but in the meantime we can all go catch some Pokemon.



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